Accumax acne skin food works natural wonders

Accumax skin food is an acne sufferer’s dream.  Young and old alike clearly see a change in a short time.  Jane Iredale’s pure skincare makeup is behind this miraculous product.  Skin Apeel Day Spa in Boca Raton gives this new find a solid two thumbs up. Nothing makes more sense than restoring beauty balance through […]

Jane Iredale Organic And Gluten-Free Makeup Now Available in Boca Raton

Jane Iredale Organic And Gluten-Free Makeup

Springtime is time to clean out your old makeup bag and refill it with the next best thing. Jane Iredale Spring mineral makeup collection is now available at Skin Apeel, and it is the perfect upgrade for the upcoming warmer temperatures. Skin Apeel is one of the most prestigious retailers of this exclusive mineral makeup line. […]

Sprayology homeopathy changes your health today

Do you want to feel better now without compromise?  Sprayology is nature’s way to balance and restore.  Your health definitely changes within minutes after you spritz a remedy under your tongue.   You may choose how good you want to feel. Skin Apeel Day Spa-Boca Raton has faithfully encouraged their clients to spray a day to […]

Romantic gifts take the cake for Valentines day!

Romantic gifts take the cake for Valentines day

Nothing compares to the romantic allure of spa gifting.  Down time sweetly spent is on the top of everyone’s wish list.  If the wise men traveled for Valentine’s Day, they would bring presents of peace, wellness and beauty.  Although fine dining and champagne have a place, “time out” for your busy special someone is the […]

Alternative health care proves to be smart medicine

Alternative Healthcare

Alternative health care is the best approach to wellness.  Before you call a general physician, consider the holistic approach.  How about a soothing session that is comprehensive and pure?  At Skin Apeel Day Spa in Boca Raton, Fl, Acupuncture is king. This ancient practice has its roots in China tracing back 2,500 years. It’s been […]

Sun Exposure Effects On The Immune System – Dos And Don’ts

Summer Skin Care

What’s up with the immune system and sun exposure… Major news here people! This is for all of us who skip the sunscreen step (we know who we are).  Mary Keefe, skin specialist at Skin Apeel Day Spa shares her concern. “Not only do we need to be worried about skin cancer, but scientific studies […]

Eyebrow Shapes Service To Rejuvenate Your Youth Looks

Eyebrow Shapes Service To Rejuvenate Your Youth Looks

Eyebrow shapes frame your face and are essential to how you look.  The perfect line keeps your youth intact.  Image a beautiful picture without a decorative frame. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, it only makes sense to frame your windows to your taste. Regardless of wearing makeup, when this feature is […]

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