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Best Manicure and Pedicure in Boca Raton!


Skin Apeel Day Spa is your healthy nail spa for your complete natural nail care, nestled in a serene environment. 

Pipe-less technology along with meticulous sanitation allow your relaxation and results.

Skin Apeel Lemon Lime Longest Pedicure


Skin Apeel’s invigorating lime-cilantro soak is accompanied by shea kissed scrub and an avocado green tea mask.

Our pomegranate extended massage continues for a blissful 80 minutes.

Skin Apeel Paraffin Hydration Pedicure


A paraffin treatment treatment is more than an indulgent add-on to a manicure or pedicure.

A wax bath has many wonderful benefits including removing stubborn dead skin cells to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and leave your feet feeling nourished and smooth.

Skin Apeel’s hydrating paraffin mask pedicure is followed by exfoliation, massage, cuticle care and fresh polish.

Closeup of wet female feet with smooth skin and tropical leaves

Sweet Releaf PEDICURE

The greenest pedicure in town, smoothing your feet and your mood. A complete system designed to elevate your spa experience along with your results. Soak-A-Lyptus drench moisture bath followed by the gold foot scrub. The ultimate massage is in store with Releaf's softening lotion. A signature hydrating finish spray sets the results to be long lasting! 

Blissed Out CBD Pedicure

Blissed Out CBD Pedicure

Kick back and chill with this hemp focused foot fetish treat!  Soothe and mellow in an agave nectar soak. Smooth out the rough edges with a decadent raspberry sea salt scrub. Feeling zen vibes with the most peaceful swell being hemp infused lower leg and foot blissed out massage.  Fast remedy for stress and over worked beings.

Women's beautiful legs on coconut on the beach, blue sea background

NEW! Summer Glow Pedicure

Summer happiness ahead starting with a farmhouse nectar soak. If you weren't already under the spa influence, how does a coconut beach exfoliant, rub you, about now?  Wind down with a mighty brighty foot & leg mask, ending well with a luster drench massage.  


NEW! Botanical Bliss PEDICUre

Breathe deep with this fresh garden inspired service. Soak up the zen in our Quinsberry soothing foot bath.  Soften and hydrate with our Finely Awake scrub.  Your feet will jump for joy following a Sunflower Honey Butter  Massage. Limited edition service- Seasonal Summer offering!

Cropped view of beautiful woman legs near swimming pool. Girl at travel spa resort pool. Summer luxury vacation.

NEW! Watermelon Cooler PEDICURE

Settle and soothe into a refreshing watermelon basil fizzy bath.  Now that you're swept off your feet, soak up the vodkatini scrub exfoliation.  This nourishing pedicure ends oh so well with a blissed moon dip mousse massage.

Woman's French Pedicure


Every woman deserves to feel pampered during her pregnancy. Need some TLC? Skin Apeel in Boca Raton has you covered!

We indulge with our charcoal lava suds and gentle star fruit sugar scrub followed by a warrior princess blackberry vanilla massage.

Gluten Free Pedicure


Treat yourself to guilt-free self-indulgent foot massage beginning with our 100% gluten free olive oil grapeseed soak followed by a honey lavender scrub and vanilla-citrus pedicure.
Pedicure And Foot Massage


Why not have twenty-five more minutes added to any pedicure?

Skin Apeel IBX Nail Therapy


Our healthy proteins deeply repair and strengthen fragile nails and diminish white spots and ridges. Nail growth is stimulated by our LED that seals in the nourishing treatment.
Hands Down Age Defying


Your hands are the first place to show signs of ageing, treat them to our unique Skin Apeel age-defying manicure.

Our luxury glycolic hand peel and LED photo rejuvenation is followed by a brightening spf and vegan fast drying polish.

Woman In Spa Enjoying Nail And Hand Treatment.


This 50-minute luxury spa manicure includes an extended massage, nourishing hand scrub, and an enzyme ageless mask with nourishing ingredients such as hydrating paraffin.
Female hands taking procedure in a lilac paraffin wax bowl

plus PARAFFIN Manicure

Need supreme hydration? Add a warm, moisturizing paraffin mask to your dazzle dry spa manicure for immediate healing, long lasting results.

Woman Using UV Light Dryer


The secret to shellac nails is that they combine gel and polish to allow your manicure to shine and last longer.

The formulas bind together when they’re exposed to LED light which creates the durable shellac effect for extended wear.

Bright Multi-Colored Bracelet In Woman's Hands


Skin Apeel’s 40-minute signature spa massage includes a nourishing hand scrub and an extended massage. Definitely, time well spent!
French Manicure At Spa Center

Spa Manicure

Our spa manicure inclusive of nail soak, shaping, cuticle care, hand massage and choice of polish.  Our polishes are OPI, Dazzle vegan and Essie.

Our Forbes awarded Dazzle Vegan fast dry polish has not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal by-products.

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