Jane Iredale Organic And Gluten-Free Makeup Now Available in Boca Raton

Springtime is time to clean out your old makeup bag and refill it with the next best thing. Jane Iredale Spring mineral makeup collection is now available at Skin Apeel, and it is the perfect upgrade for the upcoming warmer temperatures. Skin Apeel is one of the most prestigious retailers of this exclusive mineral makeup line. […]

Foot Spa in Boca Raton

Foot Spa in Boca Raton A pedicure is a professional care and treatment of the feet. It may include light exfoliation, nail trimming, and removal of corns. Skin Apeel has taken this concept to a higher level offering the best Foot Spa in Boca Raton. You are welcome to come join us and delight on […]

Body Contouring – What Is Body Contouring, Devices And Cost

A NEW Body Contour summer shape can be yours without surgery or diet pills.  South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa has recently added a favorite to its result-driven therapy menu.  If a healthy lifestyle isn’t reaching hard to target areas, this power-packed treatment will!  Tried and proven, the Canadian born P.R. Cell device unites with UltraSound […]

Eating well tips and more from Dr Oz to live your best.

Eating well is so much a part of our health.  You are what you eat and daily habits impact our well-being.  For centuries, people all over the world have been admired and studied for their longevity secrets.  It’s not uncommon to reach the ripe age of 100 and to live well too. We know our […]

Eyebrow Shapes Service To Rejuvenate Your Youth Looks

Eyebrow Shapes Service To Rejuvenate Your Youth Looks

Eyebrow shapes frame your face and are essential to how you look.  The perfect line keeps your youth intact.  Image a beautiful picture without a decorative frame. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, it only makes sense to frame your windows to your taste. Regardless of wearing makeup, when this feature is […]

South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa in Boca

Skin Apeel Day Spa announces that they were chosen as South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa.  This established day spa opened it’s doors twenty-two years ago in sunny Boca Raton.  The resort has had the privilege of earning numerous distinctions and accolades during their long good standing history.  Boca Life magazine recently honored Skin Apeel with […]