Foot Spa in Boca Raton

A pedicure is a professional care and treatment of the feet. It may include light exfoliation, nail trimming, and removal of corns. Skin Apeel has taken this concept to a higher level offering the best Foot Spa in Boca Raton.
You are welcome to come join us and delight on a fresh Pedicure. Sit on the comfortable chair, dip your feet in the warm bath and forget about your daily stress. However, at Skin Apeel this experience involves more pampering and indulgences than you expect. Our foot spa is a step above our regular pedicure services. Our specialists are qualified to perform, among other fabulous services, Reflexology and Thai foot and leg massage. Reflexology is an ancient massage technique used to enhance circulation through specific pressure points. The Thai Foot and Leg Treatment uses traditional massage along with stones and warm towels to re energize you from bottom to top.
For more Foot Care options we have many new Pedicure Treatments that are a pleasure to your senses. With vodka infused sugar scrub and fruity shea butter, the New Spiked Plum Pudding is our latest addition to our sensational menu. More options include berries, cinnamon, mint, and lime.
As the premier Foot Spa in Boca Raton, we indulge our clients with exceptional service and quality products. Skin Apeel is proudly recognized as a Holistic Spa where we aim to use organic products and gentle techniques. We believe that beauty should come naturally. Our specialists are here to help you enhance, improve and relax.
Take the time to treat the part of your body that is most often neglected.
Treating yourself on a Foot Spa in Boca Raton is an indulgence you deserve.
To schedule the ultimate pedicure luxury call the best Foot Spa in Boca Raton today (561) 852-8081, to learn more about our foot pampering options click here

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