Skin Apeel Day Spa announces that they were chosen as South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa.  This established day spa opened it’s doors twenty-two years ago in sunny Boca Raton.  The resort has had the privilege of earning numerous distinctions and accolades during their long good standing history.  Boca Life magazine recently honored Skin Apeel with being among the top ten best South Florida spas.  Each premier property was recognized for specific categories to set them apart.  Most of the spas were resort/destination with only two-day spas in the top mix.  “Best Holistic Spa” was the title chosen for the serene Skin Apeel spa.  Kim Knapp, founder, and CEO was elated to have been ranked best holistic as the spa’s philosophy is just that…  Every exclusive product, gift item, and spa treatment alike are part of the line up because of their holistic benefits.  When searching for your spa haven, it’s essential to critique the culture or mission of each facility considered.  Ingredients and techniques, inclusive of machines used in services can help or hinder one’s health.  Skin Apeel has been true to its mission since its inception.  Trust that nothing escapes this team of experts as they believe in who they are and what they sell.  Clients come from near and far knowing that the spa’s offerings provide beauty through wellness.

The title “Best Holistic Spa” comes with responsibility!

The basic principle is to care for the entire person, not just the outward symptom.  This means that treatments and home care options intend to yield a solution rather than mask a symptom.  The team of thirty-six holistic providers is passionate about their clients and their well-being.  On many occasions, fad mass market treatments are passed as the spa’s R & D team deem the risks to outweigh the rewards.  That’s very comforting to know when shopping for a place to care for your spa needs.  In addition to Best Holistic Spa, Skin Apeel Day Spa has been awarded “Best Skin Treatment” two years consecutive.  You really can’t find excellent skincare products, custom facials, or a more experienced team of aestheticians.  “Favorite Day Spa” has been on their list of spa honors and nominations.  One crucial aspect to know is that holistic by no means sacrifices results.  Holistic spa treatments are hot on the horizon as advancements in natural care are in high demand by a discriminating population.  To read about South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa – visit  You may contact the spa concierge team, seven days each week at 561-852.8081.  Live Your Best Today with

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