Did a friend or colleague recommend Skin Apeel back waxing treatment to you? If yes, you’d have lots of questions on your mind. For starters, you’d want to know what our procedure entails. Also, you’d worry about your safety and comfort. Right?

So, does it hurt to wax your back, or should you shave it instead? More importantly, how long does back waxing last? And, how much will it cost you?

This article will answer all those questions – and more. Here, we will quell all shreds of doubts you might have about getting your back a well-deserved waxing.

That said, let’s get to the details!

The FAQs About Skin Apeel Back Waxing Treatment Answered

What Is The Procedure Of Our Back Waxing Treatment?

Against what you might have heard, waxing isn’t complex skincare. Neither does it require highly technical equipment and steps. While it is best handled by a professional, the procedure is easy to understand.

About the procedure, our back waxing treatment starts with you. How so?

To deliver a streamlined service, which is equally safe, we first assess the condition of your body. Is your back suitable for waxing? What products or medications are you using that might counteract your treatment?

For example, if you are already using acne products, it might make you sensitive to waxing treatment. So, does that mean you can’t do back waxing if you have acne? No!

We only need to know your acne products and their active ingredients. That way, we can avoid unsafe combinations. After this phase, we will still cleanse your back before waxing. We do so to prevent inflammation of your hair follicles (known as folliculitis).

Note: if you have long hair on your back, we might trim it to avoid inefficient waxing.

Afterward, we apply our hot wax in small sections while simultaneously pulling the strips – albeit in the opposite direction. And when all the waxing is complete, we will apply lotion to reduce cases of infection and redness.

And that’s it: you have waxed your back. Now, is that some hectic process or a woman-only activity?

Bottom line: waxing is perfect and comfortable for all. In fact, men should do it often. There are tons of benefits, especially for men!

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Is Back Waxing Safe? Will It Hurt You?

While we can’t answer for other aestheticians, our back waxing treatment is 100% safe. We test our patients for skin conditions before we even start the procedure. So, rest assured that you’re safe!

However, we can’t promise you that the procedure won’t hurt. But then, it gets tricky. How?

As humans, we have all varied limits for pain. In other words, what might bring you excruciating pain might be almost peanut butter for another person. But regardless, the truth remains that waxing does hurt.

Did a friend or colleague recommend Skin Apeel back waxing treatment to you?
Portrait of a beautiful young woman during a hair removal session with honey at a beauty spa and smiling

However, the pain of waxing can be tolerable if you engage a specialist. At Skin Apeel day spa, we have honed our skills over the years. As such, we know how to reduce the tension and relieve your pain.

Besides, the more waxing you do, the softer your hair, the quicker the procedure, and ultimately, the less pain you’ll experience. So, yes, it gets better with time.

With all the talk of pain, perhaps it’s best to shave your hair then, eh?

Well, it’s all down to what you want. Shaving, even though it is less painful than waxing, can’t remove your ingrown hairs. Besides, can you shave your back comfortably – even with a mirror? The worst part: can you keep up with the rigid schedule that shaving demands?

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Bottom line: waxing thumps shaving all day long. Plus, it lasts longer than “creams and blades.”

How Long Does Back Waxing Last?

While we can give you an estimate, how long back waxing will last depends on several factors. The first one you should note is the phases of your hair growth.

Depending on your gender, you might experience rapid hair growth. In other words, waxing won’t keep you off the spa table for long. This scenario is often the case for men!

Gender aside, your age also matters. As you age, growth starts receding – your hair included. In essence, waxing will last longer when your body is not in its development phase.

Another factor that determines the lasting effect of waxing is your environment. If you stay in a cold region, the chances are that your hair will naturally grow fast to provide you warmth. In such situations, you’d likely spend more money on waxing.

However, despite the varied factors, waxing is still a more lasting solution to staying hairless than shaving. Besides, the same variables we highlighted also affect shaving.

That said, what timeline should you expect? How long will back waxing last averagely?

From the history of our clients, we find that waxing done right will last you for at least 6weeks. While there might be a few hair growths before the timeline elapses, it will be inconspicuous.

But what if you want to have a hairless back?

Then, you don’t have to wait till 6weeks before your next appointment for Skin Apeel back waxing treatment. Instead, maintain a regular 2-4weeks schedule. The hairless-back benefit aside, having such a schedule means you’ll experience less pain from waxing. So, it’s a win-win!

Now, we understand you’ll be thinking about the cost. Won’t a regular back waxing treatment cost you a fortune? Let’s find out!

How Much Does Skin Apeel Back Waxing Treatment Cost?

In contrast to your fears, our back waxing treatment is incredibly affordable. In fact, only a few day spas of our standard offer this deal at our price all over South Florida.

However, there are a few variations, depending on the additional services you might require. Nonetheless, the starting price of our back waxing treatment is $50.


Back waxing, if done right, is a lasting solution to a hairy back. It outstrips the inconvenience and stress of shaving. And while the process of waxing can be painful for first-timers, it gets better with time. Besides, the effectiveness is worth more than a few discomforts.The best part: you can get your back waxing done for as low as $50 if you use our service. Sounds exciting, eh? Then, reach out today to discuss your needs!

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