Today, many women choose to remove body hair from their intimate parts. However, many of those women are new to bikini and Brazilian waxing. They don’t know what to expect, and that makes the procedures seem intimidating. If you know what to expect, then you might feel more comfortable. Find out what you should expect the first time you decide to go for a bikini or Brazilian waxing.

1. The beauty therapist knows what she’s doing

You might wonder about the qualifications of your beauty therapist. Fortunately, most therapists undergo extensive training. After performing hundreds or thousands of Brazilian waxing procedures, a therapist has seen and done it all. Your therapist knows what she’s doing. If you have any worries about her qualifications, then put them aside.

You should also put aside any worries that you have about your own intimate parts. Everyone has things about which they are embarrassed. If you have anything that makes you uncomfortable, then take comfort in knowing that your therapist has seen it all. She can handle whatever your situation may be.

2. You get to choose the style

Your wax involves a major decision – choosing your type of wax. If you have an interest in Brazilian waxing, then you don’t need to worry too much about style. Brazilian waxing removes all of your hair, with the exception of a landing strip. However, you can opt to do a Brazilian without the landing strip. In some places, this is called a Hollywood removal.

If you want to keep more hair, then you should ask for a bikini waxing. Different salons offer different types of bikini waxes. For example, your salon might offer G-string wax. As it sounds, this type of wax clears all the hair that would be visible with a G-string. Don’t worry about memorizing the different styles. When you go for your waxing, your beauty therapist can explain your options. All that you need to do is choose the one you want.

3. You don’t need to remove your pants

Many people fear bikini waxing because they don’t want to be naked. However, you don’t have to remove your panties. If you only want a bikini wax, then removal is not necessary. You can leave them on and your beauty therapist can work around them. By wearing them, you might feel a little more comfortable with the situation. Just be sure to wear comfortable underwear and not your lacy panties. They might make the procedure a little uncomfortable.

4. Your beauty therapist might offer you pants

If you want a Brazilian waxing, then your therapist might have a hard time doing it with your underwear on. To make her life and your life easier, she might offer you disposable pants. These allow her to do her job well while you can be comfortable and not-so-nude.

Some salons don’t offer disposable pants. If yours doesn’t, then you might want you to remove your pants during the procedure. They might use a hot wax that doesn’t rely on strips. With this type of waxing, you might not be able o wear pants. However, you can always let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable. They can be very accommodating. In most salons, they will work with you.

5. You do the procedure laying down

In most cases, your therapist will ask you to lay down. Then, she will ask you to bend one knee and keep the other bent but flat on the bed at a right angle. If you’re getting a bikini waxing, then she will put tissue in the band of your pants. This prevents them from being damaged by the wax.

6. The wax is warm

The wax that your therapist applies to you will not be too hot. She uses a spatula to apply warm wax to your hair. Then, she places a cloth strip or a piece of muslin over the wax. After pressing it down for a few seconds, she pulls away the strip. While the wax isn’t painful, the pull is painful.

If anyone tells you that Brazilian waxing doesn’t hurt, then they are lying. But the wax itself isn’t painful. The only painful part of the procedure is pulling. After several waxing sessions, that pain might diminish.

7. The pain is pretty quick for bikini or Brazilian waxing

One of the most common questions is about the pain of the procedure. While you now know that it hurts, you might wonder how much it hurts. In some areas, the pain can be pretty significant. However, other areas are less painful. It’s also worth mentioning that some people respond to the pain differently. You might have a high pain tolerance and think nothing of Brazilian waxing.

Whatever your pain tolerance may be, the procedure is quick. The pain only lasts for a few seconds. After that, the pain dulls. You can also limit the pain by taking ibuprofen before the procedure. Additionally, you can limit the pain by going to a good beauty therapist. The best therapists know how to work to provide the least pain.

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