Bikini & Brazilian Waxing: What To Expect on Your First Time

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing What To Expect on Your First Time

Today, many women choose to remove body hair from their intimate parts. However, many of those women are new to bikini and Brazilian waxing. They don’t know what to expect, and that makes the procedures seem intimidating. If you know what to expect, then you might feel more comfortable. Find out what you should expect […]

The Best Nail Salon in Boca Raton is Actually a Day Spa!

The Best Nail Salon in Boca Raton is Actually a Day Spa!

Anyone looking for the very best nail salon in Boca Raton should look to Skin Apeel; it has a growing reputation and is already very popular with clients in the area. But it’s more than a nail spa; it’s also a day spa with a variety of treatments to offer as well. They focus first […]

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators There are many ways that you can keep your skin looking healthy and young. While some of them require a great deal of time and money, others are cheap and easy skin care hacks. Exfoliation is one of those hacks. With natural skin exfoliators in your kitchen, you can keep […]

Sprayology homeopathy changes your health today

Do you want to feel better now without compromise?  Sprayology is nature’s way to balance and restore.  Your health definitely changes within minutes after you spritz a remedy under your tongue.   You may choose how good you want to feel. Skin Apeel Day Spa-Boca Raton has faithfully encouraged their clients to spray a day to […]

Martini’s & Micro Current Lift Your Face & Spirits- Boca Raton

Elevate face and spirits with micro current face and brow lifts and lavender martini’s at a spa happy hour!  The event in March to attend is at Skin Apeel Day Spa in Boca Raton, Fl.  This named South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa really has it going on.  Gone are the days of cosmetic lifts and […]

The Boca Spa Wins Best Skin Treatment Award with Acne and Anti-Aging Facials

The Boca Spa wins “Best Skin Treatment” Award with acne and anti-aging facials.  Skin Apeel Day Spa was the first holistic Boca spa in 1992.  Founder and CEO Kim Knapp herself is an accomplished aesthetician.  This Boca spa employs a team of skincare specialists that are experts in their field.  Most have been part of […]

Skin Apeel Day Spa Boca Raton Celebrates 21 Year Anniversary

October is a celebratory month at Boca Raton’s first day spa.  Skin Apeel Day Spa has enjoyed the privilege of longevity in serving our spa community with holistic treatments and exclusive “got-to-have” products.  With each year, this day spa gets better, as a unified team consistently delivers more than expected.  The dream began October of […]

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