In our experience, we often see clients focus only on their faces when they visit our day spa. And frankly, we get it – the face gets all the attention. But your hands deserve some love too.

Those precious little wonders work tirelessly every day to make ends meet for you. The least you can do is appreciate them with a hand age-defying manicure.

And before you dismiss the notion, know that manicure is not “pampering” or excessive care. It is as essential for your total well-being as facial treatments, therapies, and massages. Also, it’s not as expensive as you’d thought.

Not convinced yet?

Luckily, this article contains a detailed explanation of why you should book a deserving hand age-defying manicure for your hands soon. Also, we included details about pricing and the location to get the best service.

That said, let’s delve into the details!

Why Getting A Hand Age-Defying Manicure Is Good For You?

5 Benefits Of Getting A Hand Age-Defying Manicure

It Enhances The Aesthetics Of Your Nails

Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But even you, the owner, can tell that your hands are not as beautiful as they once were. The chances are that you exposed them to harsh weather conditions. Maybe that has caused some wrinkles and aging spots.

Regardless of the situation, a manicure can help. It can counter the effects of the harsh conditions you might have subjected your hands to unknowingly. In the end, your hands will be more beautiful and feel younger.

Note that while manicures might soften your hand, you still need to be intentional about your nails. In particular, carefully choose the colors of your polish.

For example, colors such as orange and peach are lively. As such, they improve the youthfulness of your nails. In addition to color, choose the right nail shape. About that, we recommend oval-shaped nails – why?

Oval-shaped nails will make your nails feel longer. In turn, the whole hand will look and feel younger.

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It Improves Blood Circulation

During a manicure, manicurists do not only care for your hands. They also extend the treatment to your arms and upper back. In the process, your energy pathways will become free, and blood circulation will improve all over your body.

Ordinarily, an improved blood flow will flush pale looks. But it does more than that – it reduces the cellulite in the skin. Overall, you will strengthen your muscles, and your hands (and other parts of your body) will feel refreshed.

In addition to the refreshing feeling, manicure through enhanced blood circulation improves the mobility in your hands. Episodes of stiffness will reduce, and you’ll complete your jobs faster.

It Enhances Overall Nail Health

Besides aesthetics, a hand age-defying manicure ensures that you avoid cases of infection. In particular, you will experience fewer cases of fungi – that’s if at all. To achieve that, however, manicurists start by deep cutting your nails – and carefully. That way, you’d hardly face issues with your cuticles.

After deep cutting your nails, manicurists exfoliate the skin around the nail area to shed off dead cells. With the dead cells gone, your nails will grow stronger and healthier without contamination.

Lastly, manicurists will moisturize your hand to keep it soft and clean. In the process, you will instantly reduce the case of dirt that might encourage infections. Also, you will eliminate itchy skin conditions that might invite contaminations.

Bottom line: the systematic approach to manicure ensures that your nails and hands get robust care!

Note: while the systematic approach is excellent, you can still assist your manicurists. The first way to do that is to avoid biting your nails. Also, don’t use harmful products on your nails. Lastly, you can apply shades and protectors to your hands to make your treatments last.

It Removes Calluses From Your Hands

Though calluses are rarely painful on the hand, they are not attractive. The itchy and hardened feeling would irritate you and make you lose concentration at work. And funnily enough, you might not even know why and how the skin complications surfaced in the first place.

But don’t fret; a manicure can help. However, you should know the reasons why calluses surface on your hands. Here are the common causes:

Regardless of the callus you have, exfoliation can remove them. That is how manicures help. But if the hardened skin has already formed deep layers on your hand, it might be hard to remove.

Why Getting A Hand Age-Defying Manicure Is Good For You?

It Aids Relaxation

Besides the aesthetics and health benefits, manicure at its core can help you relax your nerves. A time out with your manicurist is your chance to de-stress, do nothing, and free your mind.

And with the right manicurists, you can expect a soothing experience. Such experience can even help you develop the next 1-million-dollar idea to reduce your workload. Either way, rest assured that your mental health will receive a well-deserved jolt.

Overall, a manicure is a wholesome approach to attain better health for your hands and nails. It can also boost your confidence!

How Much Will A Hand Age-Defying Manicure Cost You?

The quote varies from one manicurist to another. For example, our hand age-defying manicure costs $89. At other day spas in Boca Raton, the prices are even more expensive.

But what we always advise our clients is that price shouldn’t be a limiting factor. Instead of obsessing over cost, think about the quality of the service you’re getting. And as much as possible, treat yourself to a premium experience.

Where Can You Get The Best Service?

Without a doubt, the best location for an age-defying manicure in Boca Raton is Skin Apeel. We are an award-winning day spa, and our services ooze class and quality.

In essence, regardless of your skin condition, rest assured that we can modify our manicure treatment to suit your needs. You only need to contact us to get started.

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