Visiting a nail salon is fun until you have to decide what manicure treatment to choose. The chances are that you want a quick fix that stays long on your beautiful hands. On the other hand, you are thinking about cost and time. In this blog you will know the Different Types Of Manicure.

Hectic, huh?

Good news: we have narrowed the various types of manicure to only the top nine!

More importantly, we discussed the nine treatments as regards their procedures, and time requirements. That way, you can pick the best manicure treatment without hassle.

So, shall we begin?

Basic Manicure

Like the name, a basic manicure is the simplest procedure of all types of manicures. And it is perfect for you if you want a fast and affordable treatment.

About quick delivery, a basic manicure will only take a max of half an hour. Here are the specific activities you can expect in the treatment:

Amazingly enough, all those processes will only cost you about $15 – the most affordable nail treatment. Even at that, basic manicures are efficient – they can last up to a week.

And don’t worry about the removal procedure. Basic manicures will come off when you use acetone or nail polish remover.

Dip Powder Manicure

After basic manicure is the dip powder treatment, and it is equally fast. Plus, it will only take 40 minutes of your time – max.

Like basic manicure, the dip powder also uses coating. In particular, the latter uses base and top coatings on your nail. Here is how:

When you finalize the stated processes, your dip powder manicure can last up to three weeks. But that is if you only engage a professional like Skin Apeel.

About removal, soak your nails in warm soapy water, and the dip powder treatment will wash off by itself.

French Manicure

If you want to adorn your nails with a beige or pink tone combined with a white tip, a french manicure will work. This type of treatment is cute and would make your hands stand out.

And all that cuteness would only take between 45 mins to an hour of work. If you already have a basic manicure, the time could even be less. Why?

French manicure is a serviced basic mani. After getting the latter, your nail technician only applies the desired tone and the white tip.

Pro tip: ask your nail technician to use a gel if you want your french manicure to last up to 3weeks. Else, you can use a regular polish that only works for a week.

About removal, you can remove french manicure either with acetone or nail polish remover.

Reverse French Manicure

In simple terms, a reverse french manicure is the opposite of the “french manicure.” And what it does is put focus on your half-moon – the lower part of your nail.

The process here is the same as french manicure – and takes the same time too. That means you can use gel or regular polish for the servicing. In other words, the mani have varying efficiency.

Also, you can remove the reverse french manicure with acetone and nail polish remover.

However, ensure that you engage only a professional for reverse french manicure services. Else, you might damage your nails.

American Manicure

Just like we have french, there is also American manicure. And unlike the former, the latter is recent and more beautiful.

For a start, American manicure is a trendy nail treatment. More importantly, it mimics the natural color and feel of your nails as much as possible.

About naturalness, American manicure uses a creamy or flesh base and an off-white or nude tip as your natural nail.

In the end, you will get a natural nail treatment that will last up to two weeks. However, ensure that you engage a professional for the job.

Gel Manicure

The only difference between a basic and gel manicure is the addition of gel polish. The polish aside, gel treatment involves the use of UV light.

For that reason, gel manicures come out best when you leave it to an expert. When you do, the treatment will only take a max of 45 mins and last for up to three weeks.

Note: if you’re doing a multi-colored gel manicure, the time can go beyond 45mins.

About removal, you can remove your gel manicure with acetone. But we will advise you to return to your nail technician for the process.

Alternative: try Shellac manicure; it uses almost the same procedure as gel treatments.

Hot Stone Manicure

Like the name, hot stone manicure uses extra aid for your nail treatment. Like hot stone massage, this mani procedure uses the same heat to boost the healing of hand wounds.

In summary, a hot stone manicure is a therapeutic and restorative treatment for your hand. It combines heat and nourishing oils to boost your overall nail experience.

And because hot stone manicure is therapeutic, it takes up to 50mins to complete. Regardless, it is an essential treatment if you have the time.

Note: if you would use a hot stone manicure, do so before applying your gel, polish, or other finishes.

Paraffin Manicure

The chances are that you want a therapeutic nail treatment but not a hot stone manicure. If that’s you, try the paraffin alternative.

For a start, paraffin doesn’t use stone. Instead, it uses wax. And the wax produces enough heat to treat your hands.

In particular, paraffin manicure is best for dry skin. It helps to hydrate your hands as the heat from wax opens the pores. By doing so, the treatment calms your joints and muscles.

Like hot stone manicures, paraffin treatments also take up to 50minutes. Here is what you’ll be doing in that time:

Acrylic Overlay Manicure

This nail treatment takes the longest time to complete on our list. How long?

Acrylic overlay manicure can take up to 90minutes. That’s like watching a football match. Hence why we added it as the last option.

Now you might be wondering, if this treatment takes that much time, what is unique about it?

Acrylic overlay manicure is almost like gel treatments. The only difference is that it uses and combines liquid and powder monomers. Because of that, the procedure will leave a protective and rigid layer over your nail.

After layering the acrylic overlay, you can still cure it with a UV or even polish it. You should if you plan to add a gel treatment.

In any case, an acrylic overlay will last for up to 3weeks. And that’s enough protection for your nails.

If you longer need your acrylic overlay, you can always soak it off with acetone. But let an expert help you.

We hope that’s helpful. You probably know the type of manicure that best fits your needs by now.

If you don’t, or perhaps you have specific requirements, reach out, and we will guide you.

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