Short answer: yes!

IBX nail therapy is as effective as you’ve heard – and perhaps even more. For starters, its results are leagues above other nail products; the gel sinks below the surface, and that makes its curing and protective effect durable.

The most intriguing part: since IBX therapy started in 2014, no other nail treatment has matched its effectiveness. So, yes, the product and process are worth the hype.

But like all care routines, the effectiveness of any IBX therapy depends on where you’re getting it. With a professional like Skin Apeel, rest assured of results. Elsewhere with a greenie, the chances are that you won’t get the same results.

Now, you’d ask, how can you tell the difference? How can you engage the right professional for your IBX nail therapy?

The answer is simple: you must learn how IBX nail treatment works. More importantly, you need to understand why it’s different from other therapies.

And after choosing the right personnel for your IBX therapy, you should stick to the “right” schedule. So, how will you know all that?

Fortunately, this post will enlighten you on the information you need. But before we delve into how IBX therapies work, the schedule, and why they are unique, let’s do a bit of recap.

IBX nail therapy from Skin Apeel

What Is IBX Nail Therapy?

Launched by the “Famous Name” in 2014, IBX therapy is a penetrative nail treatment. It uses a conditioning monomer system (and heat) to cure and protect the nails.

Overall, the goal of IBX is an aesthetically pleasing nail with a natural feel that won’t break easily. And beautifully, it has been effective at doing just that.

But beyond the overall picture of nail protection and healing, IBX has specific benefits. Here are some of them:

Benefits Of IBX Treatments

It Sets The Stage For Nail Growth

To help accelerate nail growth, IBX first fixes all the damage (both mild and severe) to your nails. Afterward, it toughens and smoothens the nail beds and plates. Ultimately, all the processes set the base for sustainable and healthy nail growth.

It Improves Nail Aesthetics

After your nail starts growing on the perfect base, IBX still protects it. The therapy creates a shield on the new growth to avoid breakage and exposure to harsh conditions.

Furthermore, the IBX-influenced protective layer on the nail helps it retain its natural color. More importantly, the treatment reduces the occurrence of white spots.

Overall, your nail will attain improved aesthetics.

It Helps Your Manicure And Pedicure

Whether IBX strengthens your nails or only beautifies them, one thing is constant: you’ll get enhanced results from your manicure and pedicure visits. More so, an IBX treatment done correctly means you’ll rarely spend absurd money on the “visits.” How so?

IBX therapy assists your manicure and pedicure. It makes the results last and saves you money and time.

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Who Needs IBX Therapy?

Often, we hear that only individuals with damaged and thin nails need IBX therapy. However, that is not true. Even with a beautiful one, you can still adopt the treatment to increase the effectiveness of your manicure and pedicure.

That said, we agree that some individuals need more frequent IBX therapies than others. So, what is your category?

This schedule can help!

Severe nail issues aside, you need IBX treatment once a week if you recently removed an enhancement or after your acrylic.

Note: the schedule provided is the general outline. Your nail technician might advise you otherwise!

Now, we’ve re-enlightened ourselves about the basics of IBX nail treatment. Let’s see how it is different from other treatments and the steps involved.

How Is IBX Nail Therapy Unique?

If you look at the components of IBX, you’ll see that it is not entirely different from other curable gel products. They all have adhesive monomers.

So, how come IBX is different? Why is it unique?

  1. The uniqueness of IBX nail treatment is not in its ingredients but in its application. Unlike other gel products, IBX applies heating and blotting.
  2. And depending on your manicurist, the heat could either be from UV or LED.
  3. Either way, the compounds of the IBX product will sink deep into your nail to its plate. In the process, the monomers will strengthen, heal, and protect your manicure or pedicure. And that right there is the uniqueness of IBX.
IBX nail therapy from Skin Apeel

What Should You Expect From An IBX Therapy?

Understanding the uniqueness of IBX treatment is only one part of getting the best results from your manicurists. The ultimate and most critical part is knowing the steps involved.

That said, watch out for the following steps when visiting your manicurists for IBX treatment. Or you can ask them for a brief summary of their process.

Summarily, an IBX treatment happens in about five steps:

  1. First, the manicurist will apply IBX Repair to fix nail damage or weakness. Ordinarily, you’d need a dry and clean nail for this stage. And the perfect temperature is about 43OC (max).
  2. Secondly, the manicurist will blot our nails to ensure that Repair sinks better into your nail.
  3. Afterward, the technician will cure your hand under a UV or LED lamp.

Note: if you have healthy nails, your aid might skip steps 1-3 altogether and do step 4 twice.

  1. After curing, your aid will add another solution (IBX Strengthen) to create uniformity.
  2. Now, the technician will subject your nail to heat again (for about 4mins). Then, they will blot, cure, and clean it.

In some cases, your manicurist might repeat steps 4-5 with adjusted heat time. Either way, the entire process will only take 15-20mins (max).

But once again, the effectiveness of your IBX treatment is not dependent on if you spend 20mins per visit. Your results depend on the manicurist or technician you use.

You Can Trust Skin Apeel!

Our IBX nail therapy is safe and personalized to our clients. We use LEDs and take extra care of fragile nails. So, rest assured of comfort and safety. However, if you still have some worries, it’s okay. You only have to reach out to us!

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