Skin Aging Ingredients to Reverse Sugar Glycation

Skin Aging Ingredients to Reverse Sugar Glycation

We’d all love to have perfect skin, but thanks to modern lifestyles, peachy, bouncy and plump skin seems unattainable. The main barrier to great skin is the food that we put in our mouths. Most Americans get more than 50 percent of their calories from refined sugar, flour and oil and another 25 percent of […]

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators

Top 4 Natural Skin Exfoliators There are many ways that you can keep your skin looking healthy and young. While some of them require a great deal of time and money, others are cheap and easy skin care hacks. Exfoliation is one of those hacks. With natural skin exfoliators in your kitchen, you can keep […]

Acupuncture For Weight Loss – Get Ready For Your Summer Body


Ready for weight loss to look best in your summer attire? Try acupuncture! Fortunately, there is a technique that has been tested for centuries: acupuncture. This safe solution is sound and reliable. Acupuncture has a positive effect on many internal systems. The nervous, endocrine and digestive system all function better. Food cravings and metabolism can […]

Pure Greens Water Enhancer – Now In Stock

Pure Greens Water Enhancer

A new product on our spa shelves has everyone’s attention.  A few drops in your water bottle can change your attitude and health.  Pure Greens water enhancer is the latest of the green tea formulas created by Pure Inventions.   Sip slowly to detoxify and build immunity while enjoying the taste.  Usually, beverages that are good […]

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