What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine that relies on sticking needles into the skin. This process is said to alter the flow of energy, and according to the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS), the idea behind acupuncture traces back over eight-thousand years ago to Daoist traditions. During the Old Stone Age, Ancient Chinese used stone knives. By the New Stone Age, these people carved stones into needles. They also used bamboo for the purpose of making needles. Today, historians find many stones and bamboo needles have in archaeological sites in China. The ACOS states that acupuncture has come in and out of fashion over the years. It was only recently that Chairman Mao gave the practice a big push forward during the Cultural Revolution.

How does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncure how does it work
Live Science tells us that acupuncture works on the premise in Traditional Chinese Medicine that diseases are a product of the disruption of qi, the flow of energy in the body. Needles enter into acupuncture points and release qi. Qi then travels through channels in the body called meridians. Western medicine has several hypotheses about how acupuncture works. Dr. Ting Bao, a doctor at Memorial-Sloan Cancer Center in New York, says that “Basically, you put the needle through specific points in the body and stimulate the nerve. The nerve actually sends signals to the brain. By doing that, the patient may feel euphoric, or happy, and this increases the pain threshold, and they feel less pain.”

What Can We Use Acupuncture For

According to the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, there is a variety of maladies acupuncture can help relieve. From allergies to addiction and high blood pressure to “seasonal attunement,” people get treatments for a wide variety of reasons. It seems like everyone has something acupuncture can help! While we all don’t have allergies, the condition acupuncture treats that we all probably suffer from is stress. Everyone knows someone in his or her life that is stressed out. Mothers have had a difficult job for a long time. You can jokingly say that the only thing older than acupuncture is motherhood itself!

Moms Deal With Lots of Stress

One person each of us knows who could use a little relaxing is Mom. Whether it’s our own mothers or a mother we know, these women could really use a spa day. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), women are more likely to experience the emotional and physical symptoms of stress.
On top of that, one in three married women report having experienced “a great deal of stress” over the last month. Only one in five single women reported such stress. Now, add children into the mix and stress goes off the charts! Also, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, eighty percent of family health decisions are made by women in a household, which is a big burden placed on Mom’s shoulder. It’s already stressful to make your own healthcare; Mom’s are making them for everyone.

Why Not Get Mom An Acupuncture Treatment

The APA recommends finding healthy ways to manage stress, and what would be a better way to manage stress than a spa day? FOX News reports that experts recommend a minimum of one session per week for five to eight weeks, but they also say that patients should feel a difference after one treatment. Getting mom a treatment is a great way to send her to the spa and get her to try something that might be really good for her health. Most likely, if she’s not doing acupuncture right now, she’s probably not going to start on her own out of the blue! There’s always a good reason to give someone a relaxing gift. Maybe it’s Mother’s Day, or maybe it’s Christmas, but maybe you just want to be a great person and make someone happy.

A Day Spa with Acupuncture

Everybody loves a day at the spa. It’s a universal fact of life. So, if you are on the hunt for a fantastic gift to help a Mom in your life unwind, come and give Skin Apeel a try. Skin Apeel, located in Boca Raton, is a full-service spa that offers stress-relieving acupuncture. A one-time session is an affordable and thoughtful gift for someone you know whose health would benefit from stress reduction. Contact Skin Apeel today and make a reservation for that special Mom in your life.

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