With its four miles of tropical beaches and its range of laid-back bars and restaurants, there are plenty of ways to unwind in Boca Raton. There’s also no shortage of places to get pampered – you’ll find many spas in this tranquil Florida town offering everything from massages to facials.

However, when it comes to the ultimate relaxing experience, nothing beats a visit to Skin Apeel day spa. It may just be the best spa in Boca Raton – if not the best spa in South Florida. What makes it so good? Here are just a few elements that prove Skin Apeel is the best spa in the area and well worth visiting.

Long standing

Skin Apeel is one of South Florida’s most well-established spas. Founded in 1992, the spa has continued to deliver on its original mission, which is to provide unsurpassed personal care in a warm, serene environment where men, women and teens can heal and beautify.

Its years of experience have helped the spa to perfect its approach to holistic healing and beauty therapy. Whilst the spa has been able to keep some of its traditional favorite treatments, it has also brought in innovative new treatments and consistently stayed ahead of the curve. This has helped it to grow a loyal customer base and build its reputation as the best spa in Boca Raton.

Expert Spa Staff

Warm and friendly customer service is something to be expected from the best spa in Boca Raton. However, Skin Apeel’s staff offer much more. Much of the spa’s long long-standing success is thanks to its team members, many of whom are expertly-trained professionals who have remained within the company for years. When visiting this awarded spa in Boca Raton, you know that you’re in good hands – the spa’s loyal team of therapists are constantly honing their skills in order to provide the best care.

Among the team are founder and CEO Kimberley Knapp. An industry expert, Kim has 38 years of experience as a licensed skin and holistic beauty therapist. Her work extends beyond the operations of Skin Apeel – she has been a guest panel speaker for Premier Skin Care Circuit and is a contributor to renowned beauty publications such as Day Spa and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques International. Her work and expertise has led her to be named as one of Boca Raton’s Successful Women in Business two years consecutively.

Exclusive Beauty Products

This popular spa in Boca Raton is also renowned for its range of exclusive branded products and services  Many of which are organic in content and consistent with great results.. If you’re a spa connoisseur looking for something a little different, you’re certain to appreciate what Skin Apeel has to offer.

One such product that you’re unlikely to find in other South Florida spas in mineral makeup courtesy of Jane Iredale Cosmetics. This natural mineral makeup contains no dyes, alcohol, talc or fragrance. Instead, it uses micronized titanium oxides and pigmented iron oxides to deliver color and protection whilst mica particles add shimmer. Such makeup is therefore suitable for those with allergies as well being suitable for those with acne.

The spa’s shop also sells unique products such as artisan jewelry and gift sets. Once you’ve been pampered in the spa, you can lose yourself browsing the unique products on display. The team members are knowledgeable and easy to approach.

Environmentally-Friendly Skin Care

Part of Skin Apeel’s unique charm is also its dedication to being green. The spa is part of Boca’s Green Team and promotes organic products that don’t contain chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. Those that care deeply about the environment can visit Skin Apeel knowing that they’re supporting eco-friendly cosmetics.

Award Winning Boca Raton Spa

Still not convinced that Skin Apeel is the best spa in Boca Raton? There is more solid proof to this claim and that is the fact that Skin Apeel has won a multitude of awards over the years.

Amongst these awards is ‘Best Skin Treatment Award’, which has been awarded to Skin Apeel five years in a row. Guests have also nominated ‘Best Facial’ award – a service that attracts guests from all over Florida.

Skin Apeel - Best Day Spa in Boca Raton, FL

On top of this, Skin Apeel is a previous winner of ‘South Florida Best Holistic Spa’ supporting the claim that it truly is the best spa in South Florida. Self Magazine has also previously awarded Skin Apeel ‘Best Skin and Nails Winner’ whilst the spa has also been previously awarded winner of ‘LNE & SPA’s Reader’s Choice 2016’.

5 star reviews

If you still need further evidence that Skin Apeel are the best spa in South Florida, look no further than the spas online reviews. The spa boasts more than 400 combined reviews with an average rating of five stars on Trip Advisor, Google and Yelp.

Customers love what Skin Apeel has to offer and passionate about sharing their experiences with the world. Why not see what all the fuss is about and visit for yourself?

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