Facials evoke thoughts of high-end spas and relaxation. And while those are fairly accurate, they can be beneficial in other ways, as well. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to slather it on; grab some cucumbers. Here are five benefits of facials.

Benefits of Facials: Relaxation

After a long day or week, maybe even month, it can be fun to feel pampered. Laying on the table, while listening to soft music in a dark room can help. This is particularly the case when someone is massaging your face and helping you relax. Stress can cause problems like acne, alopecia, and psoriasis; just to name a few. There are enough problems with your skin, and you don’t want to add these to the list. The relaxation can linger well into your day, so don’t think of it as just an hour. Consider this investment into your day and even your lifestyle. With regular sessions, you’ll not only be healthier; you’ll be happier!

Benefits of Facials: Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be important to your skin. You want to make sure that you don’t have a build up of dead skin and dirt on your face. This will help acne and bacteria grow in your pores. By cleaning your pores and opening them up, you are allowing them to accept products better. That promotes cell growth and new, glowing skin. A professional can assess your skin and make a recommendation for a peel that will work best for your skin and the depth of your problems. You may also want to ask about methods you can apply at home, to make sure that you are keeping your skin fresh. They should be able to recommend a product and tell you how frequently you will use it. You don’t want to exfoliate too much, that can be just as bad for your skin.

Benefits of Facials: Moisturizing

Dry skin can be a real issue. In some cases, it takes a professional to remedy. Quite often, your face is dry or dehydrated without your realizing it. When your skin starts to feel flat or a bit dry, you’ll want to see a professional. They can tell you how bad the damage is and put you on a plan to fix what has been done. They will also be able to advise you on how to maintain your progress. Things like soaps, lotions, and steam can be a detriment to your skin. You will want to ask what to avoid and what would help the process. There are tons of products available on the market. Your Aesthetician may know something that will help you correctly, and perhaps even have it available at the spa.

Benefits of Facials: Improve Blood Circulation

A massage can improve blood circulation. This will make sure that your face looks healthy and firm. Regular treatments can ensure that the layers under the surface of your skin maintain and increase blood flow long term. These effects can still be useful as far out as seventy-two hours after the treatment itself.
Steam has also been shown to be an asset, as it helps circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Steam tends to be a prelude to most facials. Be sure to ask about including it in your session. It can also be a good idea to ask about steam during your shower or bath. It could be bad for your skin, and you’ll want recommendations of how to manage that. If it is beneficial, they can tell you how to capitalize on it. If not, you’ll want to know what to do after; to prevent further damage.

Benefits of Facials: Increase Absorption

When skin is healthy, it absorbs products better. When skin is dry, they will only penetrate the epidermis. However, healthy skin will allow it to sink further and become more efficient. In many cases, this is the reason you may have problems with certain products you purchase. The product may be effective, but your skin may not be absorbing it properly. Facials can guide you skin to recovery and give you the skin you always wanted. Ask your Aesthetician about different facials and a plan to get your skin as healthy as possible.
The benefits of facials are many, you can read about more of them here. But, ultimately you want to speak to someone who can take a look at your skin and determine what is best for you. There are a variety of facials and methods that are available. But, which best suit your skin, specifically, isn’t something that can be decided without being able to physically see and feel your skin. Elasticity and tension of your skin can be tricky. Some people think that they have firm or normal skin, but they may not realize what is going on in the layers under what they can see or feel. A professional will have enough experience and training to assess that. You can start here, with any questions you may have.

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