Facials Page ThumbBest Spa in Boca Raton for your beauty skin solutions. Our expert facial team customizes your experience every time to give you healthy, glowing results. Featuring the best of natural skin care, our complete facials include a soothing face, scalp, shoulder, hand and foot massage to offer you our undivided attention. Please allow our knowledgeable aestheticians to evaluate your skin’s needs to best recommend the appropriate facial.


  • $114

A first facial to prepare the skin for custom care. Consultation, cleansing, extractions and mask.

Acne LED
  • $124

Your facial fix to resolve teen and adult acne. Blue LED anti bacterial therapy light combined with effective acne anti-inflammatory treatment yields amazing results. Skin Apeel is the best spa in Boca Raton to restore your healthy skin.

Antioxidant Boost
  • $130

 Our Balance facial boosted with an organic artic berry enzyme treatment. Perfect for all skins as this first level customized facial delivers change for less.

XRT Facial
  • $249

The X-treme Results transformational face and neck experience.  Integrated high tech impulse LED therapy combined with advanced micro-current and ultrasound penetration. Try one or restore the fountain of youth with a 6-10 weekly series.

NEW Diamond Crystal Micro-Derm with Cryotherapy
  • $125 (face & neck)
  • $150 (with decolletage)

Gentle, yet deeply exfoliating and brightening for all complexions.  Includes cryotherapy for toning and soothing. Comfortably reduces skin congestion, dullness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, pore size and scarring.  Best in series of 6-10 received every two weeks.

Organic Fire & Ice
  • $185

Our restorative Eminence spicy blueberry enzyme peel with a cooling tonifying charcoal mineral mask.  This comprehensive all skin contrast therapy breathes new life into a stressed skin.  A wonderful option for acne or aging skin.

Oxygen Vitamin C
  • $165

Purify and clarify with oxygen and nature’s Vitamin C. Hyperpigmented, sun damaged and smokers skins all receive an immediate boost.

Hydro Blast
  • $167

Ultra sound powered by purified water, LED Red collagen producing light and mega dose of restorative peptides will blast your skin into beautiful balance. Voted Top Facial pick by discriminating spa clients.

Organic Brightening
  • $169

Organic kojic acid combined with proprietary enzymes focus to deliver immediate lightening and brightening results. Gentle yet effective corrective facial.

Ageless Rejuvenation
  • $179

Organic powerhouse enzymatic treatment minimizes acne to aging alike, restoring a healthy glow. Intense facial using steamto give flawless results. Celebrity endorsed and requested.

MicroCurrent Non-Surgical Facelift
  • $199 Single
  • $1840 (10 Sessions within 5 Weeks)

Progressive energetic facial implementing holistic high-tech advancements. Clear skin hydro-dermabrasion, microcurrent muscle lifting, LED wrinkle reduction and target serum infusion. Fitness facial re-educates muscles and skin to a youthful and toned state.

Organic Red Carpet Tighten
  • $259

The celebrity wow me now choice to hydrate, firm and glow red carpet style.  Organic Arcona experience delivering a customized enzyme ageless face and hand peel, tonifying face and neck mask, vitamin peptide support and pure oxygen blast. All skin types will benefit from this tailored to fit LA famous facial.

NEW Mimosa Cavier Pearl
  • $229-up

Skin changing treatment to purify, nourish and rejuvenate a depleted complexion. Grape seed glycolic cranberry cocktail primes the skin to receive targeted nutrition. Layers of chirally correct Vit C and bio-marine enzymes fortify a smooth even complexion. Pearl brightening mask makes the skin sparkle and shine.

Alternative Micro-Needling 
  • $239 first session

Holistic non-invasive alternative to micro-needling.  Pyramid silicon fibers comfortably create micro channels to penetrate target serums skin deep to repair and restore. Collagen and elastin fibers are replenished as a by product to this remarkable skin procedure.  Oxygen blast seals results to a fresh healthy skin.  Solution to acne and aging alike. 14 day express session follow up accelerates flawless results

Teen Clean/ Express
  • $74

A “no frills” facial for the young enthusiast. Sensible home care tips included.

Cranberry Salicylic Acid Back Facial
  • $162

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and clarifying mask for your back, neck and shoulders.

Lymphatic Massage (Face & Neck)
  • $85

“Vodder technique to stimulate lymphatic cleansing to improve circulatory health and healing. Non invasive relaxing face massage alleviates acne, sinus pressure, headaches, edema and insomnia.”

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