The 5 Minute Face Lift is Easy and It Works!  Good news- An FDA approved device that takes years off in a very short time.  No pain, no gain is a term of the past with this holistic technology current rage.  Celebrities jump on board to ensure their best face foward on the red carpet.  NuFace is the only brand that gives ageless results without fail.
Q:How does it work without pain or downtime?
A:Natural energy retrains the muscles to contract and expand. This is administered with a ergonomic hand held device. It emits a micro ampoule of energetic current to remind muscles to shape up.  It is pleasant to use.

Wow! Safe and comfortable, this 5 minute face lift works for everyone above the ripe age of thirty.

Sign me up now… Come and get yours as Skin Apeel Day Spa- Boca Raton stocks their shelves high with this miraculous power device.  The NuFace Trinity will transform a tired zapped skin to a healthy ageless glow. Don’t even think that it’s cost-prohibitive or too technical to use.  This thank god gadget is a mere $325 and it comes with micro-current for dummies instructions.  A booklet is in the box as well as the NuFace website has short “how to” videos on their homepage.
Skin Apeel Day Spa carries a multitude of top home care devices and products to transform the skin.  The 5 minute face lift has the vote of their skin care team for unanimous thumbs up.  A bonus to take advantage now is there’s an upcoming event to try before you buy… On Monday, August 24th, South Florida’s best holistic spa is the host with the most.  Lindsay Johns, the national educator for NuFace will teach two classes to attendees for hands on learning.  In one hour’s time, walk away with a New Face and perhaps, a NuFace.  Class times are 11am-12pm and repeated from 6-7pm.  Limited seats available and from past experience, this event sells out fast.  Call today 561-852-8081 to grab your seat to experience firsthand your 5 minute face lift.   
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