How To Care For Your Skin In The Spring?

Living in South Florida, our skin can suffer from changes in the weather. And the arrival of a new season is the perfect time to reassess our beauty regime accordingly. Like house cleaning, spring cleaning skin care is essential to adapt to the shifts in climate. At Skin Apeel, our facial specialists take their time to examine your skin needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

1. Reinforce your SPF

We hope that by now we are all on board with wearing sunscreen year-round as per our summer skincare tips. Florida is under constant sun exposure, and sunscreen is not optional if you want a healthy-looking skin. On your spring cleaning skincare regimen add a good sunscreen with protection against UVA and UVB rays as the sun gathers strength. To treat skin that has already enjoyed its time in the sun our Oxygen Vitamin C facial purify and clarify with oxygen and nature’s Vitamin C. Hyperpigmented, sun-damaged, and smokers skins all receive an immediate boost.

2. Increase Hydration

Hydration in the spring
If your skin is feeling tight and looking dry and flaky after the effects of this year El Niño winter, make sure to increase hydration by using moisturizer high in humectants.
Skin Apeel Hydro Blast facial uses Ultrasound powered by purified water, LED Red collagen-producing light and a mega-dose of restorative peptides. This facial will blast your skin into a beautiful balance for Spring.

Focus on Cleansing

Spring is the perfect time to invest in your cleansing routine. Most treatments work better after an excellent exfoliating or peeling, depending on your skin needs. We offer the Microderm Crystalline facial treatment, a manual microdermabrasion cream for a perfectly polished complexion. The skin is energized and refined with a crystalline volcanic mask. The final touch is a hydrating mineral mask to deliver a long-lasting radiance.

Don’t forget the Decolletage

The new season encourages the exposure of more skin and taking care of neck and decolletage is vital. Our Ageless Renewal is perfect to jumpstart your spring cleaning skincare regime. It works by regenerating this often neglected area, helping to repair the signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, and thinning. It helps slackening skin in the exposed delicate neck and chest area.
Spring is knocking at the door, come to Skin Apeel to greet the new season with a kind face. Spring Cleaning Skincare is the foundation to healthy-looking skin throughout the warmest months of the year.

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