The holidays aren’t just about giving and receiving gifts within your circle of family and friends – rather, they’re the perfect time to “gift” to the community! Skin Apeel believes that operating a spa in Boca Raton provides the perfect platform to support our beloved South Florida community.  Our position gives us the unique opportunity to promote feeling beautiful on the spa inside and on the spa outside!

Skin Apeel, Spa Boca Raton, involved in the community.

At Skin Apeel Spa Boca Raton, we believe that every thriving business should be involved with the community it wishes to serve. To us, it’s not about just acquiring clients – it’s about cultivating relationships.
One of the ways we choose to give back to our community is by offering holistic spa services – in other words, it’s not just about looking good, but feeling good, as well. Earlier this year, we hosted Circuit for a Cause, whose proceeds benefited Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s “Mammovan.”  This segment provides mammograms and other preventative care services to women in underserved communities.

In addition to enjoying event circuit services at Skin Apeel Spa Boca Raton, attendees were treated to green tea mocktails and “swag bags” filled to the brim with take-home goodies from regional sponsors. Skin Apeel welcomes support from like-minded local businesses that share the belief and the art of “giving back.” Best of all, attendees celebrate our events even more in knowing that proceeds fund worthwhile causes.

In a recent interview for Les Nouvelle Esthetique Magazine, Skin Apeel proprietor Kim Knapp shared that giving back is the least this first-day spa in Boca Raton can do to show gratitude. Boca Raton is the community responsible for this spa’s survival, and ability to thrive, for many years. “We’re one of the few fortunate to be busy all year, and as karma would have it, our involvement to lend a hand to worthwhile causes and to support our clients’ charitable passions, fuels our own prosperity,” said Kim Knapp.

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For more information about Skin Apeel Spa Boca Raton, a vital part of a charitable community- contact 561-852-8081 and visit for monthly promotions and events

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