If you want a non-invasive treatment for your back pain, the chances are that you’ve heard about raindrop therapy. Perhaps that’s why you’re even here: to learn about this “raindrop treatment.” What is it? What are the processes you can expect?

More importantly, would the raindrop treatment benefit you? If yes, how? Are there any side effects?

This post will answer all your questions. And to make it even more comprehensible, we have sorted the details into bits as follows:

So, shall we begin?

What Is Raindrop Therapy?

Also called the raindrop technique, raindrop therapy is a massage treatment that helps patients reach full-body balance. But unlike other types of massage, this technique adopts essential oils into its procedure.

The procedure for raindrop treatment, though greatly influenced by the rituals of the Lakota Tribe people, is the brainchild of D. Gary Young (CEO of Young Living Essential Oils). As such, it is as natural as wellness therapies and massages.

However, this therapy can be somewhat confusing because aromatherapy massage also uses essential oils. So, are they the same thing?

No! While the two therapies use essential oils, raindrop treatment is specific about what type of oil to add – and even the quantity. Besides, it incorporates the techniques of aromatherapy and reflexology.

That said, let’s give you a clear definition of the raindrop technique:

Raindrop therapy is a non-invasive, specialized massage that uses essential oils and reflexology to help patients attain full-body balance.

Is the treatment safe? How does it Work?

As we stated earlier, the raindrop treatment is a ritual native to people of the Lakota Tribe. By that nature, it is natural and sustainable. As a cherry on top, D. Gary Young even refined the procedure to make it even safer.

In essence, rest assured that the raindrop technique doesn’t have any side effects. It is non-invasive, and you won’t experience any pain whatsoever during or after the procedure.

About the procedure, here is how it works:

Note: there is a strict rule on the essential oils to use. Here are the commonly used ones: Aroma Siez, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme, Valor II, and Wintergreen.

And that’s it: the raindrop technique in five simple steps. However, the processes require an expert, especially the hot stone part. Also, you might want to steer clear of this therapy if you have sensitive skin or suffer botanical allergies.

So, what if you have sensitive skin or botanical allergies? How can you relieve your body of stress?

Check out other alternatives on our spa packages. Rest assured that there is a treatment for you regardless of your skin type!

What Are The Benefits Of The Raindrop Technique?

Balance And Harmony

The first aim of the raindrop technique is to help patients reach a full-body balance. Such balance would come in three stages: emotionally, mentally, and physically.

For physical balance, raindrop therapy realigns the nerve endings in your body. In the process, it relieves pain and aches. More importantly, it opens up your energy pathway to coordinate stimuli even faster.

Afterward, the balance from the physical parts of your body then radiates to your brain, your coordination system, and even emotions. As a result, you’ll attain an overall balance and harmony.

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Stress Management

Indeed, when you attain balance and harmony, you’ll manage the stress levels in your body. Even at that, raindrop treatment still takes extra measures to prepare your body for managing stress.

Raindrop Therapy: What Is It?

With a cleared nerve and energy path, you’ll think and work faster. That way, you’ll steer clear of mental fatigue that might accumulate into stress.

Mental fatigue and physical stress aside, the raindrop technique lets you attain enjoyable sleep. And with that, you will heal your brain, joints, and nerves from the previous day’s workload. In other words, this treatment lets you start each day as a refreshed individual.

Immune Enhancement

Raindrop technique benefits don’t stop at your circulatory system and nervous coordination. It extends even to your immunology. How? The essential oils!

Ordinarily, those oils are extracts from plants, and each has its medicinal value. Take basil as an example; it can cure worm infections, relieve pains from snake bites, and even relax issues of age-related memory loss.

Oregano is another example. This plant is loaded with tons of antioxidants that improve living conditions. Plus, it is an excellent antibacterial.

Now imagine the medicinal benefits of all the other 7essential oils combined! Mind-blowing, eh?

Well, that mind-blowing effect is what raindrop therapy can bring to your body’s immune system. The treatment creates an atmosphere around your body that is unconducive to germs and diseases. In other words, you’ll spend less money on medical bills.

Note: you can only enjoy the said benefits of the raindrop technique when you hire the right specialist. But who can you trust?

Where Can You Get The Raindrop Treatment In Boca Raton?

Short answer: Skin Apeel!

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Regarding our raindrop therapy, we consider patients’ allergies and medical histories before administering it. That way, we ensure 100% safety for all our patients!

And, it doesn’t matter if you have a history of skin allergy or botanical sensitivity. We can offer streamlined spa services just for you. You only have to book an appointment with us to start!

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