Sinus pain can be quite a work. First, you will worry about your stuffy nose, and then the headaches, or sometimes fever, will start. As though it couldn’t get any worse, you yet have to keep popping decongestants. Good news: you needn’t waste any more dimes on decongestants. Instead of pills, you can try sinus pain with massage. It is natural, affordable, and much convenient.

But must you pop a pill every time you catch a cold? If your condition (sinusitis) were natural -an unusual growth in your nose -, what then? How many more decongestants will you take?

We understand that you might have doubts about sinus massage effectiveness. Be rest assured that we have used this means to relieve the pain of many of our patients here at Skin Apeel. So, it works!

To further prove that sinus massage works, we created this post to enlighten you. Here, we will guide you through what sinus massage entails, the techniques, as well as the specific treatments. So, let’s get to it.

What Is Sinus Massage?

Like all types of massage, sinus massage uses heat and pressure to clear your sinuses. When the masseur runs his fingers through your pain points, you will be relieved from all the mucus buildup that has caused you so much pain.

When that happens, you won’t feel the usual symptoms of nasal congestion or the stress of popping pills. The best part: the entire process aims at your convenience. How so?

You can self-administer a sinus massage or require the services of an expert. In any case, it is always best to seek the latter.

How Can You Perform A Sinus Massage?

First, you should know that there are various sinuses (4 pairs) in your nose. Lastly, you have to decide if you are massaging all the sinuses or just the affected ones.

Regardless of your decision, here is how to go about massaging each of the sinuses in your nasal passageway:

Note: these sinuses take the name of their respective host bone.

Frontal Sinus

This sinus extends from the top of your nose to the center of your forehead. When inflamed, it causes excruciating pains around the eye and forehead.

Luckily, you can curb the wrath of an inflamed frontal sinus. Here are the steps:

Maxillary Sinus

This sinus is the one behind your cheeks – on both sides. And like the bone housing it, the maxillary sinus extends from your mouth’s root to the base of your eyes.

Unlike the frontal sinus, the maxillary causes pain to your entire face when inflamed. In some cases, it even leads to post nasal drainage.

Before the complications get out of hand, you can massage the pain out from your maxillary with these steps:

Ethmoid And Sphenoid Sinus

Of the four pairs of sinuses, the ethmoid and sphenoid have the most proximity. The two sit at the shared joint between your nose’s bridge and eye sockets.

And like the maxillary sinus, the inflammation of the ethmoid and sphenoid can also cause postnasal drainage. Worst case: you will observe pains all over your face – and even headache.

So, how can you massage the pains out?

If you still feel uneasy after applying the steps above, it is time to seek an expert. At Skin Apeel, we have personalized spa treatments to help you land a final blow to your sinus issues.

What treatments?

Spa Treatments For Sinus Pain with Massage


If you are not familiar with aromatherapy, it is an ancient and effective method of body healing. It involves the use of sweet-scented and medicinal oils.

When you combine the said oil with massage, the results can be mind-blowing. And in the hands of experts, that means you can finally break from your sinus episodes.


Like aromatherapy, reflexology has long been in use. It is a Chinese technique modeled to focus on pressure points, and some of such pressure points are the nose, sinus, and lungs.

When the therapist locates such points, he will massage and maneuver the internal working to unblock your sinuses. The result: you will improve your immune system. However, note that you must engage only the right experts as a misstep could result in wasted efforts. And we doubt you want that. What you want is an assured spa where you can get expert sinus massage!

We are that Spa!

At Skin Apeel, we take delight in our range of spa services. One of our top offers is sinus massages, and we have seen incredible results over the years. Our experts are friendly and are well-versed.

It doesn’t matter what sinus affects you; we can treat it all with our massage therapy. So, reach out today, and let’s help you to a pain-free and pill-free experience!

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