We understand that choosing from the various types of massages therapies around can be hectic. And if you’re a newbie, the modalities will even be more stressful.

But don’t worry; we will help you choose the perfect massage for your needs. While we might not cover all the modalities, we have highlighted the popular types.

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9 Popular Types Of Massages And Their Specific Benefits

Craniosacral Therapy

If you are seeking for a massage that is effective and non-invasive, then craniosacral therapy fits the bill. For a start, you wouldn’t remove your clothes here. In craniosacral therapy, your attending expert can massage you in your clothes. And that is even the usual practice here.

About effectiveness, craniosacral therapy uses light and still movements to correct sleeping irregularities and improve central nervous coordination. And the beauty of it all is that this approach combines chairs and tables. How so?

While traditional massage soothes your body either on a chair or table, craniosacral combines the two methods. First, you sit, and then you move to a lying position. In summary, craniosacral therapy helps you attain a wholesome body restoration by enhancing your central nervous coordination.

Variation: Thai massage – like craniosacral therapy, you won’t remove your cloth here. The only difference is that focus will be on flexibility and stretches.


Reflexology is another similar technique to craniosacral therapy. The two approaches aim at holistic health. Unlike craniosacral therapy, however, reflexology centers around acupressure. And the aim of the said pressure is your feet and hands.

In this type of massage, the attending expert will stimulate the reflex points on your body. And she will do that through finger and thumb walking. In the end, reflexology will improve your neural pathways and enhance the overall function of your body.

Variation: foot massage – is very similar to reflexology. The only difference is that the focus here is on your feet.


Shiatsu also focuses on your overall well-being. In particular, this type of massage targets your emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual state. Because Shiatsu targets the core of human existence, it has various variations. Regardless, the aim is stress reduction and enhanced production of oxytocin.

In summary, Shiatsu aims to unblock the free flow of energy in your body by stimulating your back, limbs, and joints.

Specific variations you should try: barefoot and healing Shiatsu.

Swedish Massage

The chances are that you have already tested Swedish massage. Remember that massage you had that took almost an hour of kneading and stroking! Yes? That’s a Swedish massage; it is the conventional massage you get at spas and relaxation centers.

In Swedish massage, the attending therapist strokes and kneads your body to improve blood circulation and loosen tension. And to ease the movements, the expert usually adds oil.

Summarily, Swedish massage is fit to reduce stress and light/medium pain on your body. It boosts blood circulation too.

Aromatherapy Massage

The simplest way to describe aromatherapy massage is to call it the Swedish massage that emphasizes the use of sweet-scented oils. While the latter doesn’t necessarily care if its oils are sweet-scented, the former does. In contrast to Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage even attributes specific qualities to its essential oils. How so?

For example, cypress oil is for pain relief, while tea tree extracts boost your immune system. In summary, aromatherapy massage combines oiling and massaging to bring patients a wholesome experience. It improves relaxation and boosts self-esteem.

And besides, smelling nice wouldn’t hurt your stress reduction goals!

Hot Stone Massage

Say you want a massage as exotic as aromatherapy but with spice. Then, you should try a hot stone massage! Of all the different types of massage therapies, the hot stone stands out. How so?

Instead of just hands and knees, the therapists also use stones to improve your body conditions. And because the stones are hot, the effect goes deep into your system. About hotness, don’t fret that the stones will burn your skin, this massage technique uses body-safe heat and varying degrees. The best part is that each heat degree fits different purposes.

Regardless, you will get enhanced stress relief, and the heat from the stones will jolt your blood circulation.

Similar to hot stone massage: Reiki – here, experts exert pressure on your body with their hands. By doing so, they transmit energy and heat to your body. The difference is that Reiki doesn’t require you to remove your clothes, nor does it use stones.

Pregnancy Massage

Like the name, pregnancy massage is specific to pregnant women. And thanks to the drills, women will suffer fewer aches and pains during their conception stage. If you’re wondering how pregnancy massage works, here is it:

Pregnancy massage doesn’t only focus on joint and back pains. It also administers care to hormone regulation. And because the situation with pregnancy involves body changes, patients can’t lie on their stomachs, nor can they sit on uncomfortable chairs. For these reasons, the techniques of pregnancy massage are flexible and specific to each patient’s needs.

While you are at it, ensure you only engage with an expert in pregnancy massage!

Other similar specific-purpose therapies: couple massage – is streamlined for two people who want a simultaneous massage. The technique here could either be Swedish or even hot stone.

Sport Massage

If you’re an athlete or sports enthusiast, you probably run your body beyond its limit. For that reason, you might experience severe pain and displeasure. In that case, what you need is a streamlined massage: sports massage.

Unlike the other types of massage in this list, the approach here is sport-related. In summary, sports massage aims to improve your endurance, flexibility, and performance. Most importantly, sports massages aim to help you limit your proneness to injury. And it includes a series of other types of therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage

The chances are that you have tried the massages we listed but have yet to realize pain reduction. If that is you, what you need is a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is specific for severe muscle stress and pain. Here, attending therapists use all aids (mostly rigorous) to reinvigorate your body.

However, note that not everyone should use deep tissue massage. If you have underlying issues such as inflamed joints or lupus, steer clear of this therapy as the rigorous regime might rupture your joints.

Also, note that “deep tissue” isn’t the same as “deep pressure.” The latter focuses on your entire body, while the former is specific for muscles.

Similar therapies: Myofascial massage – is specific for the connecting tissue that holds arteries, bones, muscles, and body organs. It is also known as trigger point massage.


Besides the nine types of massages that we listed, numerous variations still exist. In any case, seek the help of experts before deciding on which of the techniques to use.

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