When you suffer from stress and anxiety, life can seem challenging. It’s hard to appreciate the little things in life when you’re weighed down by everything. You need to find a way to eliminate the source of your troubles. Although you might not realize it, there’s an easy way to do that. Pressure points can reduce your stress and anxiety. And you don’t have to be an expert to find them. Find out which pressure points can help you.

1. Grandfather-Grandson

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Your feet have many pressure points, and they can relieve a variety of symptoms. However, for stress and anxiety, this point is one of the best. It balances the movement of energy around your body and mind. When you press on this spot, you can alleviate your stress and worries. If you have any ankle pain, this spot can also help with that pain.
You can find the grandfather-grandson on the side of your inner foot. It’s located about three fingers behind the bottom of your big toe. Press on it for about one minute for relief.

2. The Three Mile Point

This pressure point both increases and regulates the flow of energy in your body. It also fights fatigue, which boosts your energy level. Finally, it can help you improve your concentration.
To reach this point, you need to find the spot two fingers below your kneecap. Then, find the spot four fingers closer to the outside of your leg. Apply pressure to the area for about one minute.

3. Great Rushing

Relieving stress is as simple as getting a smoother flow of energy in your body. The great rushing pressure point does just that. When you press on it, you can unblock your meridians and get a smoother energy flow through them.
You can find this spot between your big toe and your second toe. Press on the webbing between the two toes for the calming effects.

4. Outer Gate

While it’s great to pay attention to the points on your feet, your arms also have points of interest. For example, the outer gate increases the flow of energy in your body. As a result, it combats stress and anxiety. Your overall health can also benefit from this pressure point. It helps out your immune system, making you less likely to become ill.
You can find this pressure point on the back of your arm. Count three finger widths from your wrist and feel between your two tendons. For one minute, press on the point.

5. Inner Gate

Another great pressure point is located on your arm. If you have anxiety and stress, the inner gate can work wonders. When you press on this point, you can protect your body from stress. A natural remedy for stress is deep breathing, and this point encourages deep breathing. If your stress or anxiety makes you feel nauseous, the inner gate can also help. The point often relieves nausea.
You can find the inner gate on the inside of your arm. To find it, make a line on your palm. Start between your index and middle finger, then draw it straight up your wrist. The point is on the line, about three fingers above the crease on your wrist.

6. Union Valley

Often, stress and anxiety can cause muscle tension. This pressure point relieves that muscle tension. In addition to making your body feel better, it also helps your mind. It can relieve stress and help you clear your head.
If you want to find this pressure point, look at your hand. Press on the webbing between your thumb and index finger for the full effect.

7. Central Treasury

When you suffer from anxiety and stress, balancing your emotions can be difficult. The pressure can just seem too great, and you might find yourself unbalanced. This pressure point helps you balance your emotions. On top of that, it can also increase your blood flow and improve your deep breathing.
You can find this pressure point on your chest. It’s about two fingers above the place where your chest and arms come together. Once you find it, press on it for about one minute.

Using A Massage To Treat Anxiety And Stress Pressure Points

While you can reduce stress and anxiety on your own with these pressure points, you might want a little help. Reaching some of the points can be challenging. Additionally, you might have a hard time applying the right amount of pressure.
Fortunately, a massage can be the help that you need. When you go to an experienced massage therapist, you can get a massage that hits all the right pressure points. If you tell your massage therapist your goals before you start your session, she can help you achieve those goals. Your massage can leave you feeling stress-free and less anxious. Of course, you still reap all the other benefits of a massage.

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