Microneedling has been said to help with the problem of aging skin. But, the question is what is it and does it actually help? Because we are always losing collagen, it can be hard to see your skin and wonder what happened. During the ages of twenty to forty, it is said that you lose up to fifty percent of your collagen. And what is lost in fullness is replaced with wrinkles. Sure, you can try injections and topical treatments, but there are many who say that micro-needling is the best treatment available. You can read more about it here.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling Dermaroller
Microneedling, aka Vampire Facial, is when a tool is used to poke tiny holes in your skin. It is a rolling tool that has many small, but long, needles attached to it.
There is a little bleeding when the process is taking place, so there is no need for alarm. It is normal and virtually painless.
When the fine blood vessels in your skin are punctured, the platelets leave the blood vessels, becoming exposed to surrounding tissue. Then there is a reaction that causes the platelets to excrete hormones and growth stimulants.
This means that the stimulation of the fibroblasts and other cells that produce collagen will increase production. That causes the increase of elasticity and rejuvenation in the skin. This form of skin resurfacing might sound like a nightmare, but it is very simple and has very little to no pain.

Microneedling At Home – Good Idea?

While it might seem like they are the same, there are advantages to having a professional perform your micro-needling for you.
The first is that a professional does it. They have had the training and know what they are doing and how to do it correctly. You don’t want to take the chance of making a mistake. T
hat could cause scarring, and then you would have a much different problem. Also, salons or clinics that offer the service use a different kind of tool than what you would buy over the counter. The needles on their tools can be around 3mm, while home kits use .5mm needles. This means that it might work.
But, your chances are better, and the results will look better with an in-clinic visit. There is also the benefit of peels and facials to enhance your results.

Microneedling Before And After Treatment

Vampire Facial Microneedling Before After
Your skin will have some small spots that will bleed a little more than others, so those might be more obvious. But, that means that it is working. Other than that, you might see some pinkness. There aren’t a lot of side effects. And in a lot of cases, you can just go on about your day. You will want to talk to your technician and be sure since there might be something specific they want you to avoid, or the correlating peel might have needs, also. The duration of the effects will depend on how long the needles were and your skin. You can ask about rescheduling times. You can have as many appointments as you need, so don’t be shy.

Skin Care After Vampire Facial

There isn’t a lot of skincare that you need for this treatment. It is a suggestion that you use an antioxidant serum, which your technician can recommend. They will also be able to tell you about sunscreen and a light moisturizer to use. These are all general products you will want in your regimen, anyway. They are beneficial to your skin and will help extend the effects of your treatment a bit more. It is an even better idea to make sure that you are using these items in your daily routine. The better you take care of your skin between treatments, the better it will look in the long run!
There are plenty of fads that you can try, but you want to make sure that you talk to a professional about your skin; first. Anyone who is going to make recommendations for your skin needs to see it and know what you need. There isn’t one treatment that works for everyone. And even if there was, you need something specific to your skin. Not everyone’s skin is the same. It is best to consult with someone and see what the problems are with your skin, first. Then they will be able to make recommendations tailored to you. You need someone who deeply understands the treatments you want to try and has done them before. Their experience is an asset to you and will help you benefit the most from the procedures you choose. It will also help you to have someone to answer questions you may have. As a professional, they have seen this a thousand times and know the ups and downs of it. They are the best person to ask about repercussions and benefits. You can start your search here.

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