Even if you’re not a regular at the nail salon, you’ve probably heard of the IBX nail strengthening system. Whenever something this miraculous ends up on the market, it spreads like wildfire. IBX nail treatment was created by beauty industry moguls, Linda and Jim Nordstrom. These two have been in the business for decades and they’ve proven to know a thing or two when it comes to nail care. The IBX System brand belongs to their company, Famous Names. Famous Names defines the system as a “penetrating, toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity”. Sounds exciting! We love words like “toughening agent” and “improving nail integrity”. But, how does the IBX nail treatment work exactly? Let’s dive in!

How Does IBX Nail Treatment Work?

The primary element of IBX nail treatment that sets it above the rest is its ability to penetrate. While other systems can create a faux protective layer on the nails’ surface, IBX can actually seep through the nail plate. IBX uses these amazingly tiny molecules called conditioning monomers. Conditioning monomers fuse together to penetrate through the nail and get under the surface. Because it can get through the nail surface, it lasts longer than any other product on the market. IBX also has an extra plastic fortifying layer, also referred to as the “interpenetrating polymer network”, that covers the top of the nail. This is the layer that smoothes out the tiny cracks and crevasses and binds the entire nail surface together. IBX nail treatment is not only designed to make your nails look and feel stronger, but it also promotes growth.

What Sets IBX Nail Treatment Above the Rest?

In addition to its incredible ability to penetrate the nail plate, the IBX nail treatment system has no formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is listed as an ingredient in most nail strengthening treatments and other beauty products. It’s used as a nail strengthening agent, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly do that. Formaldehyde can make your nails very brittle and dry. However, when these other treatments are first applied, it gives the appearance of cleaner, smoother, stronger nails. It’s one of the most unfortunate illusions in the land of beauty products. While your nails may temporarily look better, the actual formula is making the integrity of the nail worse. One of the best aspects of IBX is that it can legitimately claim a no-formaldehyde formula.

What Does a Treatment Look Like?

An IBX nail treatment is a multi-step process, but the entire procedure only takes about 15-minutes. It’s important for each step to be carried out precisely and carefully so that you get the most out of the treatment.

Step 1.

It all starts with IBX Repair, a clear solution that targets the damaged part of the nail. This is applied to your nails after they’ve been cleaned and dried. This is the solution that you need to allow to seep into the nail, so it will be left on for a few minutes. Your technician will ask you to hold your nails underneath a lamp during this stage. The IBX Repair solution will melt to its effective point after a few minutes at around 40ºC. It’s important to not get too impatient during this stage. It’s best to be sure that the solution has had enough time to sink into the surface.

Step 2.

The technician will begin to blot your nails at this point to ensure that (1) the solution has seeped into the nail, and (2) the top layer of the nail is now clean and ready for the next phase.

Step 3.

The third stage is referred to as the “curing stage.” For those who regularly use gels for manicures, this will be familiar. You’ll put your hands into a UV lamp to allow the solution to cure. Afterward, the nail technician will wipe down your nails until they’re completely clean.

Step 4.

Now you’re ready to move onto the main event: IBX Strengthen. This second solution acts as the solidifier. It fills in all of the cracks, gaps, and crevasses over the nail to give the appearance of one smooth surface. Again, you’ll hold your hands under a lamp for a few minutes to give the Strengthen formula a chance to set in.

Step 5.

The technician will blot your nails again for the same reasons they did for the Repair solution in Step 2.

Step 6.

You’ll cure your nails again under the UV lamp for a few minutes.

Step 7.

The technician will clean your nails and you’ll instantly be able to see a difference.

There’s no question that the IBX nail treatment system is the best new product on the market. If you’re interested in having beautiful, strong, and smooth nails, call and make an appointment today!

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