Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

Book an appointment online or over the phone and experience luxury at our Beauty Bar located in Boca Raton’s Skin Apeel.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, therefore it requires the same care and attention as you pay the rest of your body. At Skin Apeel, we understand that every client has different skin types and we work with them to customize their treatments accordingly.

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Our neck focused treatment helps reverse aging (slagging/crepiness) of the delicate neck.  Crystal-free micro-dermabrasion  gently reduces lines and crepiness.  Ultra sound technology stimulates collagen muscle and lift. The restorative final touch to seal results is a hydro custom collagen mask.

Best in a series of six, enjoying one per week!

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Our Skin Apeel 45-minute Bright Eyes Lift reduces puffiness, fatigue, dark circles, and fine lines. The first step, Hydrobrasion hydrates and soften, cupping facilitates lymphatic movement while microcurrent lifts and opens eye. Eye collagen mask completes the bright eye change. The treatment offers immediate results with long-lasting results when received every 7-10 days for a period of six sessions
Skin Apeel Face LED Express Package


A 30 minute packaged price face therapy with low level light. Provides healing and repair for acne or aging. Our award winning Celluma customized panel LED soothes and restores. This package includes either hydrobrasion or target ampoule infusion. Your esthetician will help you choose.

Best practice frequency is 2x weekly for 8-10 sessions.

How Electrolysis Can Improve Your Skin


A method whereby a disposable, fine, and flexible needle is inserted into the hair follicle.  An electrical current is passed through the needle for between two and ten seconds, destroying growing cells. Our blended method of thermolysis (heat) and galvanic (energy) delivers best results.  Unharmed cells will regrow a new hair which will be treated at a future session.  Each hair will gradually grow more slowly, become finer and fairer until the growth stops altogether. This service is exclusive to facial hair only.  No other body areas at this time.

Preliminary Consultation   $45

Young woman before and after lip enhancement on color background, closeup


This 45 minute session Increases circulation, plumps, hydrates and conditions lip area. Minimizes vertical lip lines and dry tissue. The perfect lip fix combination of hydrobrasion, ultrasound, cupping and collagen mask. Best results when received every 7-10 days for a period of six sessions.
Close-up cosmetologist making ultrasound hardware cleaning of the face of her patient a beautiful young woman. Concept skin cleansing and restoration of elasticity


Ultra Hydro-Dermabrasion offers state of the art sonic cleansing using a holistic decongestant approach. Skin Apeel’s cosmetologists will utilize vibrations and water to gently and effectively exfoliate, clarify and deeply cleanse the skin and lymph by replacing and improving pore extractions. The final step is deep product infusion with target serums to perfect your skin. This treatment is great for those who suffer from acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.


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Ultrasound Facial Add On

Skin Apeel’s high sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface which promotes renewal, repair, firming, detoxifying and drainage. The application of ultrasonic frequency plumps up and smooths sagging skin, relieves puffy eyes, improves acne and tightens enlarged pores. This treatment is also great for fading discoloration and scars. Your skill will instantly be left energized, firm and soft after just one visit.


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Our Skin Apeel cosmetologists use the Vodder technique to stimulate lymphatic cleansing which improves circulatory health and healing. This non-invasive relaxing face massage alleviates acne, sinus pressure, headaches, edema and insomnia.

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Our brow henna is 100% organic Indian henna, giving you the safest and highest quality results.  This technique adds a more defined and fuller look to the brows and underlying skin.  The effects may last up to two weeks on the skin, and up to six weeks on the hair.  Great when combined with brow shaping! (add $25)

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Skin Apeel Spa’s Enzyme/Acid Face Peels contain antioxidants, skin nutrients and advanced technology that naturally reduces the signs of aging and acne. Nature’s fruit cocktail enzyme peels contain blueberries, pumpkin, cranberry, vitamin c, and collagen to re-texturize and purify the skin.


Young woman with beautiful eyelashes, closeup view


The Skin Apeel European Lash/Brow Tint is a safe vegetable pigment tint that’s made specifically for lashes and brows.



Portrait of cheerful smiling dark skinned woman applies natural coffee mask, makes circular motions with hands and massages skin, stimulates facial blood supply, wears wrapped towel on head.

Specialty Mask Add On

Our Specialty Masks are custom fit to your skin to improve and extend facial results. Active ingredients go deep into the skin to correct imbalances. These masks are perfect for minimizing pores, treating acne, neck firming, lip plumping and eye brightening.


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