What is Reiki?

Whether it’s a 90-minute deep-tissue or a quick foot rub at your local spa, everyone enjoys a nice massage for one simple reason: relaxation. But with the recent demand for more holistic approaches to treatment, people are always searching for the next big thing.
What if there was a way to experience the same relaxation as a full body massage, with minimal to no contact?
Impossible? Think again!

Introducing Reiki

Reiki Massages Healing
Originating in Japan, Reiki is a form of energy work used to heal and relax the body and mind. Deriving from the words rei (life force) and ki (energy), Reiki is based on the idea that life force energy flows through all of us, and channeling the energy the right way can increase our physical and emotional health.
Reiki is becoming more and more common in therapist offerings, and although it isn’t scientifically proven to work, there are studies that show the immediate effects of Reiki.

What exactly are Reiki massages?

Reiki massages are entirely different from standard massages, so keep that robe on! The client remains fully clothed and has the option to either lie down or sit up comfortably. The energy healing techniques include Usui Reiki (promoting relaxation and balance) and Karuna Reiki (relieving muscle pain). The therapist hovers his/her hands over different parts of the client’s body, depending on the areas that need to be worked on.
What else makes Reiki massages so unique? Clients are given Reiki symbols written in either Japanese or Sanskrit, which represent a specific type of energy. Similar to healing crystals, clients use Reiki symbols to channel and tap into certain energies during their sessions.

The Powerful Health Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Massage Healing
Don’t be surprised when you see Reiki listed as a service at your favorite spa, because both therapists and clients benefit tremendously!
Let’s start with the client. Reiki enhances the overall well being of clients. They can experience a major reduction of stress, as well as pain relief, even after a single session. Reiki massages are perfect to add to any health regimens that include nutrition and exercise.
It also helps to have healing hands as a therapist! Adding Reiki massages to your arsenal of treatments takes your practice to another level. It is fairly easy to learn Reiki, with most therapists growing accustomed to energy work even after one week. Because Reiki doesn’t involve physically massaging clients, it is less tiresome, which means taking on more clients! The extraordinary effects of Reiki aren’t only for the clients to enjoy, with practitioners also experiencing stress reduction and healing when performing this technique. Visit Skin Apeel today to book an appointment and experience the magic of Reiki for yourself!

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