Want Ageless Hands?  You bet! This New Boca Raton Manicure exclusive to Skin Apeel Day Spa may grant your beauty wish.  Imagine smooth hands, polished nails, and all somewhat younger, in 45 minutes flat.  Your hands tell your age, often neglected and always called to action.  The South Florida sun feels warm and delicious, yet accelerates skin aging. Think about every time behind the car wheel; our hands are trained to the position of ten and two. The daily environmental exposure zaps our delicate skin.  Here’s a tip but don’t tell the DMV… Try holding the wheel at 5 and 7 to shade your hands.  I see age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, dry skin, redness, and veins, oh my…

Here’s the 411 to minimizing hand imperfections:

  • Skin experts agree to “treat” your hands with the same care and respect you give to your face.  Why not have both looking your best!
  • Always apply an ageless antioxidant serum (Skin Fitness Multi-Vitamin Serum) followed by mineral treatment sunscreen (Epicuren Zinc & Daisy SPF 27).
  • Wash your hands with natural antibacterial products (EO Lavender or Thieves hand soap) instead of antimicrobial soap, which alters skin pH compromising immunity.
  • When you mask your face and neck, include your hands.

Most women are in practice of scheduling regular spa manicures. At a young age, we are conditioned to benefit from facials and adhere to a home regime.  Our mothers and the media teach us that an ounce of prevention pays off in the end.  Did anyone touch on how to save our hands?  We know indeed that a new manicure in Boca Raton is showing ageless results.

This youth-restoring treatment is called the Margarita Ageless Manicure.  Take a comfy seat in a luxurious spa massage chair to entirely escape during time travel.  A pure product spa manicure teams up with targeted ageless hand care.  In just under an hour, cuticles and nails are groomed to perfection.  Neglected hands will be grateful for the hydrating margarita enzyme, and healing red LED light.  Eminence organic spot reducing serum and SPF protective moisturizer boost the results.

One session will impress! Five more sessions spaced seven to ten days apart will offer severe changes for the better.   Keep your ID handy as a side effect may be looking younger than your real age.  Our spa founder, Kim, is receiving her “six-pack” series and falling in love with her hands.  You should too!  Contact skinapeel.com/ 561-852-8081 to know more and to try an ageless margarita manicure at Boca Raton’s best holistic-organic spa.boca-raton-manicure-ageless-hands-skin-apeel

Kimberley Knapp

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