Acne is undoubtedly one of the most daunting skin issues to manage. When you think you’ve handled the breakout, a more intense one will crash your care routine. Even when it seems like the episode is over, give or take a few years, all the itches will be back. If only there were a lasting solution that works. Well, there is, and that solution is a makeup cleanser!

Now, you might wonder how come makeup cleansers are the way out when they are only in contact with the skin for a short period. But do you know that these skincare products are the best fit to kill acne-causing bacteria?

In addition to cleansing your face of bacteria and pollutants, makeup cleansers are the perfect aid to maintaining a balanced pH for your skin. The only question now is which of the numerous cleansers is right for you?

Acne varies from one skin to another. For some people, the issue ensues because of their dry skin. Also, if you have oily skin, you can experience acne when your pores become clogged.

In summary, cases of acne are different, and they need specific makeup cleansers. And for each one to work, it has to contain some ingredients. Here are some of them:

What Makes A Makeup Cleanser Effective For Acne-prone Skin?

Salicylic Acid

The first and perhaps the most effective component for anti-acne cleansers is salicylic acid. This chemical removes all dirt particles that might clog your pores. In the process, it also removes dead skin cells.

Ultimately, salicylic acid shrinks the sizes of the pores on your skin. That way, the chances of clogged pores will be reduced as well as the risk of acne.

Note: You’d experience a bit of redness on your skin if it’s your first time using a cleanser that contains salicylic acid.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide contains acne-fighting properties. In particular, this chemical helps you to deep-cleanse your skin and remove all layers of your makeup. In the end, you’d get clear skin free of acne.

However, you might experience a few skin irritations if you take benzoyl peroxide in high doses. About that, we will advise you to seek an aesthetician’s help.

Natural Extracts

If you’re uncomfortable with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (especially their side effects), you can settle for natural extracts. And one example of such extracts is tea tree oil. Much like the chemicals, this extract contains antibacterial properties that will clear your makeup and all chances of acne.

In summary, natural extracts contain anti-inflammatory properties that will heal all cases of burns and irritations. By our standards at Skin Apeel, they are the best fit. That is why we modeled our makeup cleanser after natural extracts: Lavender Milk Cleanser.

Makeup cleanser that actually works for acne-prone skin.

Unlike other makeup cleansers, our lavender milk offering is natural and safe. It is a lightweight, hydrating cleanser that deep-cleans the skin. It doesn’t stop there; this cleanser also enriches the body with oils from apricot, coconut, sunflower, and sweet almond.

Put simply: Our lavender milk cleanser is the one that works. And it is compatible with all skin types. But as with all skincare products, you have to use our cleanser right to get the desired result. About that, the following tips can help:

Using Makeup Cleanser On Your Acne-prone Skin The Right Way

Always Remove Your Makeup

We understand that on some days, you’d be so exhausted that you’ll sleep in your work clothes right in your living room. Well, we have all been there. But, even on such days, remember to remove your makeup.

If you don’t remove your makeup, you’d be building shelters for acne-causing bacteria. How so?

Bacteria love damp and hidden places such as the spaces between makeup and your face. And when they settle in such spaces, it wouldn’t matter what cleanser you use. Worse case: leaving your makeup on while sleeping means the acne-causing bacteria will likely be on your pillow. When that happens, you can expect that your acne episode won’t be ending anytime soon.

Overall, the first step to using a makeup cleanser right is to remove the makeup itself before you sleep. Regardless of how tired you might be, find the strength to do just that one task.

Massage Your Face, Don’t Scrub It

Makeup cleanser that actually works for acne-prone skin.

After ensuring that you remove your makeup timely, you should also watch how you do it. About that, we understand that you might want to scrub off your acne in frustration. Or perhaps you think scrubbing would clear all the irritations. Well, scrubbing does the opposite; it aggravates your acne and spreads it even faster.

Instead of scrubbing, massage your makeup cleanser into your face. Using your fingertips, gently spread it across your face evenly. That would remove all undesirable irritations on your skin – including acne and dirt.

Ensure That Your Hair Doesn’t Get In The Way

Another hindrance that can counter your acne-free face efforts is your hair. If you don’t tie your hair back adequately, you won’t be able to clean the pores around the hairline properly. That is because bacteria will hide under your hair, then return to your face as soon as you complete your cleansing routine.

Dedicate A Towel For Your Face

Using the same cleaning towel for all your body parts is the last thing you want to do if you’re concerned about acne. The reason for that is that such a towel would already contain all sorts of bacteria. And that won’t help your chances.

So, use a new towel and dedicate it to only the part of your body where you experience uncontrollable acne episodes. Also, when you wash the towel, do so with warm water. Heat will kill the bacteria that might have survived your disinfectants and detergents.

Steer Clear Of Greasy Makeups

The ultimate hindrance to acne-free skin is the continued use of greasy makeup. Regardless of your cleansing efforts, if your makeup is too heavy and always clogs your pores, you’d experience a series of acne. In this case, changing your makeup will be the best solution. And if you don’t know which cosmetics are greasy or not, you can always ask your aestheticians.

We hope that our tips have been helpful. If you need resourceful articles like this, you can check our blog page.

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