Are you guilty of committing these major beauty faux pas? With so much beauty and wellness information being pushed out over the Internet, sorting out the good from the bad can get a little hazy. We’ve all had our turn following a horrible beauty myth. We’ve all made our fatal beauty mistakes and lived to tell about it. We’ve decided to take on these misguided myths of beauty and give you the cold hard facts. Of the hundreds of beauty mistakes we see and read every day, we’ve narrowed out two of the most convicting for our spa family.

Beauty Myth 1 – You can sleep in your makeup.

No, sleeping in your makeup is bad! Our Boca Raton facial specialists are the best at treating all types of skincare challenges with our custom facials. However, the best skincare your face can receive is the daily care you show it. Properly removing makeup and cleansing your face daily is non-negotiable. Not only does sleeping in your makeup result in facial breakouts but it also speeds up the aging process of your skin! So drag yourself out of bed and give yourself a fresh face for bed. This key habit will pump up the results when coupled with routine professional facial treatments.

Beauty Myth 2 –  You can use nail polish remover to thin out your nails polish.

Nail polish remover thinning nails
It sounds like a sensible piece of advice, but the chemistry behind this myth is completely wrong! The key to long-lasting perfectly polished nails is finding your nail tech soul mate. An experienced manicure specialist will consider the health of your nails and your personal style to create a healthy nail regimen you’ll love.
If you’re down to the wire on time or budget and must attempt an at-home manicure, use nail polish thinner to even out your old lacquers not nail polish remover!
So here’s the kicker, these are only two of the hundreds of flawed beauty myths being passed down from one generation to the next. We can’t abolish them all simultaneously, but we can address them head-on, one at a time while empowering you with the truth! So here’s to all in the pursuit of beauty, may your journey be wise and your flaws are few.

Beauty Myth 3: A daily application of Vaseline at night will prevent wrinkles.

Have you ever seen women tirelessly massaging their cheekbones and face in upward circles? Have you ever heard of older women using Vaseline to rid themselves of those inevitable wrinkles? This beauty myth has been passed on for years to no avail. Petroleum jelly is a powerful moisturizer that can conquer even the driest skin. However, those powers do nothing to prevent wrinkles. Perhaps maybe the jelly can temporarily mask wrinkles with the moisture it provides but that’s about it. Unfortunately, Vaseline or petroleum jelly can cause other skin issues that maybe even worse than the wrinkles themselves. The massive amount of moisture or grease found in the petroleum jelly could clog skin pores and create severe breakouts in the future.

Beauty Myth 4: Use Preparation H to get rid of bags under the eyes.

Use preparation h for for bags under eyes
Preparation H is a solid solution for many things, but it’s the ability to deflate puffy eyes is still up in the air. Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies disproving this fact but there are thousands of makeup artists employing its powers every day. According to the myth, the two primary ingredients of the cream, including phenylephrine, are said to reduce inflammation and constrict blood vessels. We’re still unsure if this myth is more mayhem than truth but just to be sure let’s stick to using Preparation H for the functions it was created to perform. Wink. Wink.
That’s four myths under our belts. Are you starting to feel empowered? Keep these beauty myth busters in your back pocket and share them with your dearest friends. Here’s to all in the pursuit of beauty, may your journey be wise, and your flaws be few.
If you need some help with any of there please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your favorite spa in Boca Raton!

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