Experts and amateurs agree that a soothing massage can do wonders for the body. The right massage can help eliminate pain that could have been building up in your body for months or even years. Anyone who has been pregnant will tell you that aches and pains both during and after birth are common. During your pregnancy, the extra weight will cause your body to change. Your posture and the way you hold yourself will both begin to shift. It is this type of change that may cause you pain and it’s also why it’s good to know everything you can about prenatal massages.

What Is A Prenatal Massage?

A prenatal massage is a way to both relax and deal with growing pains any time after the first trimester of your pregnancy. Massages such as this can be completed by a professional or at home by a loved one. Though typically, you will see the best results if you do invest in the services of an expert. They will know the problem areas to tackle and will ensure that you get the greatest level of benefits from this treatment.

Prenatal massages completed by professionals are intended to provide a high level of comfort. Typically, the massage will be completed in a sidelining position to ensure the best level of support. Soft cushions will also be provided to make sure that there are lower levels of strain on the pelvic region or lower back.

In some cases, such as later in your pregnancy, other positions may be more suitable for you and will be used to provide additional levels of support. Ultimately, though, a prenatal massage is quite similar to the more typical massages that you have probably already experienced. However, they are customized to suit the needs of a pregnant woman.

Now, let’s explore some of the greatest benefits of this form of prenatal treatment and support.

Prenatal Massage Benefits

Massaging Pregnant Women

1. It Helps You Relax

One of the most significant benefits is that it will help you to relax and lower levels of stress. Pregnancy can certainly be a stressful experience for both the mind and the body. Physically, the extra weight and changes can make you feel anxious about the way you look while hormones racing through your body can cause sudden mood changes.

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to constantly feel anxious about whether they are healthy. Unfortunately, this type of stress can have a negative impact on both the mother and the child. Studies have shown that massages can greatly reduce stress hormones, ensuring that you stay calm and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

2. Helps The Mind And Body During Pregnancy

Many people believe that massages will help you find the connection between the body and the mind. During pregnancy this is crucial. It’s quite common for mothers to begin to question whether they are having a baby or if an alien is residing inside them. Of course, logically, you know it’s a baby, but as it continues to torture your body, it can be difficult to continue to hold onto this idea. A prenatal massage can help remind you of the truth. That you are carrying a little life that needs your love, support, and protection. Many people believe that massages are only about relieving physical pain or discomfort. In reality, a massage can be an incredible experience of mindfulness.

3. Relieves Pain

Of course, the main benefit of prenatal massages is still going to be the high level of pain relief. A great advantage of this type of massage is that it will target the areas that are going to impact you the most during your pregnancy. For instance, you might find that you are suffering from pain in your legs and feet. It’s quite common for your legs to become swollen during your pregnancy. If this happens, it can make it difficult and painful to walk. A prenatal massage will often involve foot rubs aimed to relieve this type of swelling.

As well as the feet, other problem areas are also targeted including the back, shoulders and even the scalp. At home, this can be accomplished with gentle rubs to each of the problematic areas. With professional treatment, swelling can be reduced in the neck and back as well as the legs, hands, and feet.

4. Psychological Improvements

pregnancy massageYour pregnancy is going to take its toll on your mental health. Insomnia, depression, and headaches are all quite common during this time. In the case of insomnia, this is often caused by the high levels of pain that you will probably be feeling. That can be corrected with a professional prenatal massage and in no time, you will be getting the level of sleep that both you and the baby require.

In terms of depression, research shows that this type of massage treatment can help you tackle this common issue without the support of medication. The issue with medication is that it comes with a whole host of underlying issues that can grow out of control. For instance, you run the risk of becoming addicted. With massage therapy, you will be utilizing a completely natural form of psychological relief.  

Massages are also intended to tackle and address pressure points in the body. This is what can cause stress levels to build and has been linked to the development of severe headaches such as migraines. With prenatal massage therapy, there is a strong chance that you will experience lower numbers of headaches throughout your pregnancy.

5. Improves Blood Flow

benefits of a pregnancy massage

Another fantastic benefit of getting a massage is that it will improve your blood flow. Blood flow is important for everyone but particularly vital during your pregnancy. When you are pregnant you need to keep your body as healthy as possible. This can involve pushing out toxins and maintain the functioning of your lymphatic system. It is particularly important that you do this when you are pregnant because the impact of pregnancy can change your blood flow. It can slow things down and even put obstacles in the way of the system that your body relies on.

During pregnancy, your blood needs to travel to new areas. For instance, it must be filtered through the placenta and deliver the nutrients that the baby needs while also eliminating levels of waste. This increased demand on the blood will typically raise the heart rate and cause a change in the blood pressure as well. During the first half, blood pressure will lower and through the second it will rise.

There are various symptoms of high blood pressure. These include dizziness, exhaustion as well as hypertension. If you are experiencing or beginning to experience issues such as this, it’s important to consider getting a prenatal massage as this will provide the relief that your body needs.

When Should You Get A Prenatal Massage?

You can get a massage treatment at any point during your pregnancy. Many people are worried about the potential dangers that can be apparent. Some studies have suggested that there is an increased risk of miscarriage within the first 12 weeks. As such, many professionals are reluctant to schedule one during the first trimester.

Generally speaking, later points in your pregnancy will also provide additional benefits as your body will be under more pressure and there will be more need for the relief.

We hope you find this advice helpful and understand now how a prenatal massage can benefit you when you are pregnant. It’s important that you do get relief if you need it and gain the benefits of this type of treatment. It can help ensure that your pregnancy is not necessarily stressful or indeed painful.

Now that you know the incredible benefits for getting a prenatal massage, what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your visit, we’ll take good care of you!

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