Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton

Nurture and Renew Your Feet with Our Mommy 2B Pedicure

Pamper yourself with our Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton, a soothing retreat for expectant mothers to unwind and feel cherished from the soles up.

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Skin Apeel’s Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton,

Our Warrior Princess Mommy 2B Pedicure Experience


Pregnancy is a journey of strength and beauty, but let’s be honest—it comes with its fair share of challenges. Your body is working double-time, and you deserve a royal treat. That’s where our Warrior Princess Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton steps in.

It’s not just a pedicure; it’s your sanctuary, where you can relax, unwind, and be pampered from toe to crown. Tailored for the incredible soon-to-be moms, this luxurious pedicure is your chance to take a breath and relish in a service that’s designed with your comfort in mind.

Foot Soak: Dip your feet into our soothing charcoal lava suds. It’s like a spa retreat for your feet, where the power of charcoal works to detoxify and relax. Let the gentle fizz and warmth wash away the heaviness of the day.

Exfoliation: Revel in the caress of our star fruit sugar scrub. We use it to buff away dead skin gently, leaving your feet soft and smooth. It’s a sweet, light touch that your skin will thank you for.

Massage: Your legs and feet have been carrying a precious load, and our Warrior Princess blackberry vanilla massage is here to ease that burden. Focusing on the areas that need it most, this massage aims to boost circulation and provide a well-deserved relaxation for tired legs and feet.

Benefits of Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton

Our Mommy 2B Pedicure is more than just a foot treatment; it’s a comprehensive care package that delivers multiple benefits to expectant mothers who deserve the utmost attention during this special time.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Every aspect of the pedicure is designed to offer a tranquil escape from the stresses of pregnancy. As you sink into our comfortable chairs, the serene environment and the gentle touch of our expert nail care specialist help to melt away anxiety, allowing you to relax not just your feet but your entire being.

Improved Circulation: Pregnancy can often lead to tired and swollen feet, making circulation a key concern. Our massage techniques are tailored to stimulate blood flow, reducing swelling and discomfort, which in turn can enhance the overall health of your feet and legs.

Soothing for Swollen Feet: Our gentle foot soak and massage are specifically designed to soothe swollen and achy feet. The calming effects of the warm water and massage provide immediate relief, offering a comforting respite for the day-to-day demands placed on your feet.

Safe and Gentle Care: We use only pregnancy-safe products in our pedicures, so you can relax knowing that both you and your baby are away from harsh chemicals. Our scrubs and lotions are selected for their natural ingredients and gentle properties.

Softer, Smoother Skin: Our exfoliation process gently removes dead skin cells, which can often build up more during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. The result is feet that not only feel soft but are more receptive to moisturizers, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Empowerment and Luxury: The pregnancy journey is powerful, and we believe in celebrating it. This pedicure is your throne room, a place where you’re not just another client but a queen-to-be, ensuring you leave feeling empowered, cared for, and ready to face the world with renewed energy.

A Moment for Yourself: Finding time for yourself can be a challenge in the whirlwind of preparing for a new arrival. Our Mommy 2B Pedicure is your moment to pause, reflect, and connect with your baby in a peaceful setting.

By choosing our Mommy 2B Pedicure, you’re not just looking after your feet, you’re giving yourself the love and attention you deserve at this transformative time. It’s an investment in your well-being that echoes the love you have for your baby-to-be.

Skin Apeel’s Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton,

The Best Mommy 2B Pedicure Boca Raton

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Still not sure whether this is the perfect treatment for your feet, check the FAQ section below. If you wish to ask questions, feel free to call. We are available to help.

Our Mommy 2B Pedicure is priced at $74. This includes a full suite of services designed to pamper and care for the unique needs of expectant mothers.

We ensure that all the products used in the Mommy 2B Pedicure are free from harmful chemicals and are pregnancy-safe. The methods and products are all chosen with the utmost care for the health of the mother and the developing baby.

The service is designed to allow ample time for relaxation and care, typically taking around 60 minutes. However, we never rush, ensuring each mother feels fully pampered and serene.

Nothing at all—just come ready to relax and be pampered. If you have any specific preferences or needs, let us know so we can tailor the experience to your liking.

Please inform us of any skin sensitivities or allergies when you book your appointment. We’ll customize your pedicure to ensure it’s not only safe but also comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Skin Apeel Day Spa Accolades

  • Recipient BEST SKIN TREATMENT Award- 7 years consecutive
  • Acclaimed 5 STAR Reviews
  • Top South Florida Retailer for Arcona, Eminence and Jurlique exclusive products
  • Recognized for charitable community contributions
  • Member of Boca’s Green Team
  • Founder, Aesthetician and CEO, Kim Knapp – 2X Recognition as Top Successful Woman Entrepreneur
  • National and local magazine press for outstanding spa service, natural products and overall guest satisfaction

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