Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

Are you dreaming of perfectly contoured, hydrated lips?

In just a 45-minute session, our Double Lip Fix works wonders by increasing circulation, hydrating, and conditioning your lip area. It’s the ultimate lip care ritual that minimizes vertical lip lines and dry tissue, leaving your lips irresistibly smooth and voluptuously plump.

Our Customers Love our Double Lip Fix

At Skin Apeel, we go all in to make sure our customers get the value they seek. Little wonder our Double Lip Fix are highly recommended by our customers on Trip Advisor and Google.

Skin Apeel’s Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

Why the Double Lip Fix is a Must-Try


Benefits of Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

When it comes to enhancing your lips’ natural beauty, our Double Lip Fix stands out as a holistic solution. It’s not just a treatment; it’s an experience that redefines lip rejuvenation.

The journey to fuller, more voluptuous lips begins with the magic of hydrobrasion, an innovative technique that gently exfoliates and resurfaces the delicate lip area, washing away impurities and the vestiges of environmental stress. This prepares your lips’ canvas for the next treatment phase.

Ultrasound technology is then utilized to promote collagen production deep within the skin layers of the lips, fostering a plumpness that speaks volumes of youth and vitality. This advanced technique also ensures that hydrating serums penetrate profoundly, optimizing their efficacy and imbuing your lips with moisture from within.

Following the ultrasound infusion, our skilled therapists employ precise cupping methods to boost circulation and bring a natural, healthy flush to your lips. This age-old technique, refined for modern-day aesthetics, also works to smooth out fine lines, promoting a more even texture and contour.

By choosing Skin Apeel’s Double Lip Fix Boca Raton, you’re not just opting for a simple lip service; you’re investing in a comprehensive care regimen that brings together the best of modern technology and natural healing techniques.

The Ultimate Lip Rejuvenation Technique

This luxurious session is more than a simple beauty routine; it is a comprehensive approach to lip care that harmonizes the latest advancements in skincare technology with tried-and-true techniques.

Hydrobrasion: The initiation of the Double Lip Fix is with hydrobrasion, a sophisticated exfoliation process that sloughs away the dull and dead layers of the skin.

Unlike harsh scrubs that can damage the sensitive skin of the lips, hydrobrasion uses a controlled stream of moisture combined with exfoliation to gently refine the lip surface. This process lays the foundation for healthier skin cells to emerge, setting the stage for a more effective treatment.

Cupping: With roots in ancient medicine, the cupping procedure has been refined for the delicate lip area. This technique uses gentle suction to draw richly oxygenated blood to the surface, accelerating the natural healing process and fostering a fuller appearance. The improved circulation from cupping also helps to eliminate toxins and can reduce the appearance of fine lines that often appear around the mouth area.

Collagen Mask: The Double Lip Fix concludes with a sumptuous collagen mask, which acts as a sealant for all the goodness that the previous treatments have imparted. This mask is a concentrated delivery system of hydration and nutrients, providing deep, lasting moisture and a barrier against environmental elements. It leaves the lips feeling luxuriously soft and imbued with a satin-like sheen that lasts.

For those who demand excellence and sophistication in their beauty treatments, the Double Lip Fix Boca Raton is an essential indulgence that will redefine the fullness and vitality of your smile.

Skin Apeel’s Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

The Best Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

What People Say About Skin Apeel’s Double Lip Fix Boca Raton

Ready to Revitalize Your Smile?

Book your Double Lip Fix session today and take the first step towards luscious, rejuvenated lips.

With the Double Lip Fix, your lips will not only feel rejuvenated but will also reflect the very essence of youth and vitality. Don’t wait to give your lips the attention they deserve.

Double Lip Fix Boca Raton is a comprehensive lip treatment designed to enhance the appearance and health of your lips. It combines hydrobrasion, ultrasound technology, cupping, and a collagen mask to increase circulation, plump, hydrate, and condition the lip area. This treatment minimizes vertical lip lines and dry tissue for a smoother, fuller lip appearance.

Each Double Lip Fix session is a 45-minute treatment designed to provide immediate results in the appearance and feel of your lips.

The rate for each Double Lip Fix session is $125. This investment in your lip health provides a luxurious and effective treatment tailored to your needs.

For optimal results, we recommend receiving the Double Lip Fix treatment every 7-10 days.

The treatment is designed to be a relaxing and pampering experience. Some clients may experience slight discomfort during the cupping process, but it is generally well-tolerated and not described as painful.

We recommend waiting 1-2 days after the treatment before applying any lip makeup to allow the serums and collagen to fully absorb and for the full benefits of the treatment to take effect.

Skin Apeel Day Spa Accolades

  • Recipient BEST SKIN TREATMENT Award- 7 years consecutive
  • Acclaimed 5 STAR Reviews
  • Top South Florida Retailer for Arcona, Eminence and Jurlique exclusive products
  • Recognized for charitable community contributions
  • Member of Boca’s Green Team
  • Founder, Aesthetician and CEO, Kim Knapp – 2X Recognition as Top Successful Woman Entrepreneur
  • National and local magazine press for outstanding spa service, natural products and overall guest satisfaction

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