Massage Boca Raton Your path to complete wellness lies here. At Skin Apeel, our team of Boca Raton Massage therapists specialize in both Eastern and Western techniques to guide clients on their personal journey to total mind and body wellness. Our Therapeutic Massage practice has evolved to blend ancient and modern techniques in wellness for a unique practice in massage therapy.


  • $95 / $135

Your custom massage therapy for total wellness addresses your specific personal concerns. * sweet dreams * headache relief * invigorating * balancing * muscle relief * stress less.

Deep Tissue
  • $105 / $145

Recommended for sports related injuries or those requesting deep pressure massage. Please support your deep tissue massage with extra fluid hydration pre and post escape.

  • $120 / $160

Create your perfect massage escape. Our talented massage therapists will help you choose options to enhance your experience and long lasting results – * aromatherapy * back buff * hot/cold stones spot * dry body brushing * hand & foot exfoliation * deep tissue pressure * bamboo fusion * LED pain relief.

Mommy 2 Be
  • $100

You and your baby deserve to be pampered and healthy. Body support cushions combined with signature pregnancy massage aroma oils benefit circulation, immunity, soothe fatigue and pain.

  • $120 / $160

A full body massage including abdominal cleansing designed to purify the tissues and reduce fluids and toxins. This aromatherapy treatment begins with dry body brushing and includes your personal brush and directions to continue at home.

Lymphatic Brushing
  • $120

A massage body therapy using multiple soft dry body brushes to improve lymphatic flow. Dandelion oil promotes detoxification, internal cleansing and optimum health inside and out. Distinctly different, yet equally relaxing to Swedish body massage.

Coconut Sugar
  • $135 / $175

Spa body treatment for rapid exfoliation with pure cane sugar softening body scrub. Your aromatic escape only gets better with natural kukui body massage to give you a smooth finish inside and out.

Macadamia Hair & Scalp Repair
  • $65

Scalp massage combined with rich healing repair.  Both hair and scalp are indulged with this nutritious, stress reducing ritual.  Be prepared to leave oil in hair for 2-24 hours.

Hot Stone
  • $175

A Native American massage ritual using warm energized stones from the Arizona Verde River. Organic Sandalwood oil guides the body into a deep state of relaxation.

Traditional Thai
  • $209

Learn more about this Eastern approach to your healing that combines reflexology, acupressure, rhythmic massage, passive stretching and assisted yoga postures. Reflexology, acupressure, rhythmic massage, passive stretching and assisted yoga to balance energy flow. A fully clothed treatment without the use of oils leaves you peacefully energized. For first time recipients of a Thai Massage, it is advised that you read this HELPFUL GUIDE to prepare you for your experience.

Lime Blossom Scrub
  • $75

Refresh, exfoliate and nourish with conditioning oil, lime brightening scrub and body restorative melt to counteract environmental damage and soften skin.

Sinus Treatment
  • $55

Hot and Cold stones target acupressure and lymphatic zones to quickly reduce sinus and migraine pressure.

Custom Add On’s
  • $20-$25 each with your massage session

Hot – Cold Stones Spot * Back Buff * Dry Body Brushing Hands & Feet Exfoliation * Bamboo Fusion * LED Pain Relief

*More Massage can be found if you read on with our Spa Rituals.

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