Reiki Massages: The Energy That Works

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Reiki massages

What is Reiki? Whether it’s a 90-minute deep tissue, or a quick foot rub at your local spa, everyone enjoys a nice massage for one simple reason: relaxation. But with the recent demand for more holistic approaches to treatment, people are always searching for the next big thing. What if there was a way to experience the same relaxation as … Read More

Summer Skin Care Routine

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Summer Skin Care Routine

The summer months are finally here and that means getting outside as much as possible. However, are you taking the steps you need to protect your skin? Caring for your skin in the summer months when your skin is exposed to the sun longer is different than winter skin care. Here are some tips to get your summer skin care … Read More

Microneedling: The Benefit to Aging Skin

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Microneedling has been said to help with the problem of aging skin. But, the question is what is it and does it actually help? Because we are always losing collagen, it can be hard to see your skin and wonder what happened. During the ages of twenty to forty, it is said that you lose up to fifty percent of … Read More

Techniques For Reducing Stress

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Techniques for Reducing Stress

Stress can affect your body and your mind in many ways. Unfortunately, most of those ways are detrimental to you. By reducing stress, you can limit the side effects of a stressful lifestyle. Find out what simple techniques you can use to reduce stress in your life. The Impact of Stress on Your Life Before you decide to embark on … Read More

Are More Men Taking Spa Vacations? Here is Why You Should Too

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Men taking spa vacations

Most men have this image of a spa being the sole realm for women. They wouldn’t consider a spa vacation for themselves, but that’s changing. Men taking spa vacations have started to increase with many spas opening up their doors for men. More men are starting to take advantage of all the benefits that come with a spa vacation. Why … Read More

Benefits of A Pregnancy Massage

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pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is something that is getting more and more common amongst women preparing for birth. It is very common for women who have multiple children to rave about them and wish they had tried them sooner. There are plenty of benefits, and the sooner you start, the more you can enjoy them. You can try one session and see how … Read More

Benefits of Spa Rituals

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spa rituals

While spa rituals might seem like a frivolous luxury, they can be very helpful. It is easy to forget that your skin is an organ and needs care. The attention you show it reflects how it looks and feels. A lot of times we tend to get stressed or feel like we are too busy to take care of it. … Read More

The Benefits of Stress Relief Acupuncture

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stress relief acupuncture

You may be familiar with acupuncture, but how much do you know about stress relief acupuncture? It’s gaining notoriety as a useful antidote to the pressures of our modern world. When we experience stress, our bodies begin secreting hormones into our bloodstream. The organs responsible are the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland. The presence of high levels … Read More

Benefits of Hair Waxing

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hair waxing

There’s shaving, there’s laser hair removal. There are those hair removal devices they sell on television and good old tweezing. But, many people prefer hair waxing as their primary method of eliminating excess body hair. It’s quick, it’s effective, and some say, it prevents the hair from coming back as thick. It’s also a great excuse to hit the spa. … Read More