Bikini & Brazilian Waxing: What To Expect on Your First Time

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Brazilian Waxing

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing: What To Expect on Your First Time Today, many women choose to remove body hair from their intimate parts. However, many of those women are new to bikini and Brazilian waxing. They don’t know what to expect, and that makes the procedures seem intimidating. If you know what to expect, then you might feel more comfortable. … Read More

OM4men Organic Skin Care Line

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OM4men Organic Male

Most skin care products are made to target a female customer base. Products developed for woman are often not as effective when used by a man. This is why Skin Apeel Day Spa is proud to announce that we carry the OM4men Organic Skin Care Line. We believe that men deserve an organic choice to achieve the healthy looking and … Read More

New Boca Raton Manicure Zaps Sun Damage

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Want Ageless Hands?  You bet! This New Boca Raton Manicure exclusive to Skin Apeel Day Spa may grant your beauty wish.  Imagine smooth hands, polished nails and all somewhat younger, in 45 minutes flat.  Your hands tell your age, often neglected and always called to action.  The South Florida sun feels warm and delicious, yet accelerates skin aging. Think about … Read More

Coolibar UPF Clothing Sizzles at Skin Apeel- Boca Raton, Fl

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Coolibar-UPF- clothing-Skin-Apeel-Boca-Raton

Coolibar UPF 50 clothing looks summer hot, yet keeps it’s cool.  We know our skin can’t block the sun’s damaging rays without a sunscreen.  On the same note, regular clothing can’t protect us like SPF wear can.  Melanoma’s on a scary all time high… And we live in South Florida – yikes!  Don’t fret as our spa R & D … Read More

Jane Iredale in Boca Raton

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mineral makeup

Springtime is time to clean out your old makeup bag and refill it with the next best thing. Jane Iredale Spring 2016 mineral makeup collection is now available at Skin Apeel and it is the perfect upgrade for the upcoming warmer temperatures. Skin Apeel is one of the most prestigious retailers of this exclusive mineral makeup line. Jane Iredale in … Read More

Boca Raton Facials

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Boca Raton Facials As the seasons change so change our skin care needs. Spring is the best time to revise your skin care regimen. To jumpstart your cleansing process, Skin Apeel offer the best Boca Raton Facials. With a broad variety of options, we offer targeted treatments by specialists made with quality organic products. What is the deal with Organic … Read More

Beauty Myth Busting – 2nd Edition

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In our first edition of the Beauty Myth Busting series, we tackled the age-old myths of sleeping with your makeup on and using nail polish remover as a polish thinner. We were able to hone in on the science and logic behind these two fashionable fables and even find some healthier solutions for these beauty challenges. These fictional DIY’s were … Read More

Jane Iredale Makeup Purely Changes Your Skin

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Jane Iredale makeup changes your skin for the better with one radiant application.  The purest skin cosmetic is indeed Skin Apeel Day Spa’s premier choice.  Every woman regardless of age, wants their complexion to naturally glow beautiful.  The key to a flawless foundation are the color and ingredients.  The palette match must be perfect to showcase your most beautiful you. … Read More

Alzheimer’s Fun- fundraising with Boca spa team

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The Alzheimer’s fundraising buzz is loud and clear as one Boca spa rises to the occasion!  Skin Apeel Day Spa spreads purple passion to clients and friends alike.  This business of twenty three years is raising the bar with creative and fun- fundraising…  In house $5 raffles tickets are offered to spa clients for a chance to win the $500 … Read More