Skin Aging Ingredients to Reverse Sugar Glycation

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Skin aging speeds up as excess sugars float in our bloodstream.  Harmless fructose and glucose cause a condition called glycation.  This occurs when sugars binds to proteins.  The proteins then change structure and loose function.  Dangerous advanced glycation end products (AGES) collect in kidneys, arteries and the brain.  These harmful molecules cause early skin aging.  In the lower levels of our skin is our dermis.  This structure is mostly made of collagen.  Cell turn over is sluggish within the dermis.  Combined with high glucose makes collagen inflexible. AGE formation then occurs.  We’ve set the stage for wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  Pro-collagen 111 or baby cushion collagen is pliable and soft.  When you pinch a toddler’s skin, you feel the healthy give.  After the age of thirty, our bodies no longer produce this vital fiber.   It’s huge to do all we can to protect ourselves from glycation.  AGE-modified collagen is not a fan of repair.  This unruly fiber blocks others from doing their job.  As a result, more breakdown and degeneration follows.  To add insult to injury, both UV light and AGE formation cause free-radicals.  Due to the domino effect of this condition, scientists are on it for solutions.


skin aging solutions to reverse glycation

Good news! Ingredients to slow skin aging do exist…

Look for a power peptide called Hexapeptide-3 – it promotes restructure and repair. Collagen is the most abundant fiber. So it’s no surprise why it suffers the most from glycation.  Hexapeptide-3 can increase hydration 100% in 60 minutes flat.  Next up is a dark fruit we know well.  Blueberries rank high as they diminish inflammation markers.   This is essential to reducing skin aging.  Inflammation is a key factor in overall health too.  This dark blue magic packs a mean punch with blocking damage from the sun.  Co-Q10 helps fuel repair and regeneration.  This fat-soluble co-enzyme says no to oxidation.  You know it best from the cut apple left for 5 minutes turning brown.  This break-down is what our bodies fight long and hard all day.  Keep you eyes open for pentapeptide-34 trifluoroacetate.  This peptide encourages our bodies to produce Co-Q10.   Pomegranate is another super fruit that supports us well.  Pomegranate counteracts age-related skin thinning.  Pure Inventions water enhancers make it tasty to get your daily dose.  12 week studies with these ingredients show the change.   Count on softened wrinkles, increased elasticity and a vibrant glow!

Degeneration can be lessened by reducing sugary foods and refined carbs.  Be sure to grab coconut oil or ghee to cook safely.  Olive oil and others cause glycation under med-high heat. Topicals mentioned earlier with smart eating works wonders.  Glycation doesn’t have to win. For skin aging product and care- contact Skin Apeel Day Spa in Boca Raton. 561-852-8081






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