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Phi-Brow MicroBlading

$50 Consultation
(recovered with artistry session)

$575 Micro-Blading Artistry
(includes initial two hour visit and 4 week perfection session)

A worldwide respected permanent makeup form to enhance the eyebrow by replicating fine hair strokes with cosmetic pigment. Unlike former methods, European based Phi-brow differs by technique, dimension, safety and hygiene. Phi-brow uses non-oxidative color, resulting in a more natural brow shape and personalized design. Adelle and Martha are the Phi-certified spa resident artists.

Ultra Hydro-Dermabrasion

$90 Single

$450 Weekly Series

State of the art sonic cleansing. This holistic de-congesting approach utilizes vibrations and water to gently yet effectively exfoliate, clarify and deeply cleanse skin and lymph. Replaces and or improves pore extractions. The final touch is deep product infusion with target serums to perfect your skin. Ideal for everyone, including acne, rosacea and the most sensitive skins.

Sonophoresis Face & Neck Ultrasound Penetration


High sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface promoting renewal, repair, firming, detoxifying and drainage. This application of ultrasonic frequency plumps up and smooths sagging skin, relieves puffy eyes, improves acne, tightens enlarged pores, fades discolorations and scars. The skin is left instantly energized, firm and softer, even after just one session.

Crystal-Free Micro-Dermabrasion

$130 (face & neck)

$155 (with decolletage)

$180 (add hands too)

Gentle, yet deeply exfoliating and brightening for all complexions. Includes cryotherapy for toning and soothing. Comfortably reduces skin congestion, dullness, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, pore size and scarring. Best in series of 6-10 received every two weeks.

Bright Eyes Lift


Just 45 minutes to reduce puffiness, dark circles, fatigue and fine lines. Hydrobrasion hydrates and soften, cupping facilitates lymphatic movement while microcurrent lifts and opens eye. Eye collagen mask completes the bright eye change. Offers immediate gratification!  Long lasting results when received every 7-10 days for a period of six sessions.

Double Lip Fix


This 45 minute session Increases circulation, plumps, hydrates and conditions lip area. Minimizes vertical lip lines and dry tissue. The perfect lip fix combination of hydrobrasion, ultrasound, cupping and collagen mask.  Best results when received every 7-10 days for a period of six sessions.

Enzyme/ Acid Face Peels


Antioxidants, skin nutrients, and technology naturally reduce the signs of both aging and acne. Nature’s fruit cocktail enzyme peels re-texturize and purify the skin. *Lightening * Blueberry* Noni * Pumpkin* Cranberry* Vitamin C * Collagen Lift * Salicylic *Lactic, Glycolic and more

Specialty Masks


Custom advanced mask options to improve and extend facial results. Active ingredients go deep into the skin to correct imbalances. *Co-Q 10 *Diamond *Whitening *Pore Minimizer *Acne Cooling *Neck Firming *Lip *Eye.

Revitalight LED


Photopulsations of colored LED light therapy revolutionize skin care – gradually improving tone, sensitivity, rosacea, enlarged pores, fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation. Activating endorphins elevates mood. Holistic soothing treatment with no recovery time needed. Best results achieved with a series of six sessions.

European Lash/Brow Tint

$39 each
$68 combined

Safe vegetable pigment tint made specifically for lashes and brows.

Glyco-Rose O2 Fix


This refreshing skin treatment combines Rose essential oil, Glycolic Acid and Oxygen for hydration and skin renewal.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Face & Neck


“Vodder technique to stimulate lymphatic cleansing to improve circulatory health and healing. Non invasive relaxing face massage alleviates acne, sinus pressure, headaches, edema and insomnia.”

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