Spa-Rituals-Page-ThumbSince 1992, Skin Apeel Day Spa’s philosophy is beauty through wellness by offering holistic, spa rituals that deliver therapeutic whole body care. All spa rituals combine aromatherapy, exfoliation, compresses, massage, and masks to create a spa escape that balances and restores. The spa rituals incorporate global elements from ancient rituals traditionally practiced in regions all over the world.
  • $65

Known as the movement of universal life energy. Through the gentle and specific placement of her hands, your Reiki practitioner will direct this energy to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Lime Blossom Scrub
  • $80

Refresh, exfoliate and nourish with conditioning oil, lime brightening scrub and body restorative melt to counteract environmental damage and soften skin.

Macadamia Hair & Scalp Repair
  • $70

Scalp massage combined with rich healing repair.  Both hair and scalp are indulged with this nutritious, stress-reducing ritual.  Be prepared to leave oil in hair for 2-24 hours.

Thai Foot & Leg Treatment
  • $85

Pure bliss for the legs and feet. Traditional acupressure, massage, river stones and warm towels are synergized to revitalize and refresh your entire being.

Raindrop Therapy
  • $110 / $155

This spa body treatment features high vibrational essential oils rain dropped on the body to encourage chi movement. Spinal and reflex points promote Anti-Viral, Anti-Sclerosis and Immune Oxygenation to boost overall well being.

Cosmic Flower Body Cocoon
  • $110/ $150

Nestle into an aromatic euphoric transport. A soothing full body massage layered with signature cosmic flower essential oil synergy.  Swedish style touch paired with an aromatherapy light cocoon draping relieves stress, calms the nervous system and conditions skin.

Bellanina Facelift Massage
  • $154

Indulge your senses with pure bellanina aromatic products and face lift massage. Take rest during a unique face cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage to transcend you far away while toning face and neck.  Acupressure hand and foot massage elevate this one of a kind age defying face experience.

Organic Sunburn Tamer
  • $130

This soothing body treatment reduces after sun heat and aids recovery from ultra-violet exposure.  Cool organic lavender-chamomile towel infusion, green tea-aloe mineral mask and express scalp or foot massage.  Finishing touch: organic after sun radical recovery lotion.


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