Are Massages Only for Relaxing? Massage Benefits to Your Overall Health

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Though massages are best known for being relaxing, they also carry plenty of benefits to your overall health. People mainly get massages to get away from the stresses of every day living. Massages are primarily thought of as relaxing, calm-inducing treatments for people who need to get away for a while. While that account is accurate, it misses plenty of massage benefits along the way.

The reality is that massages do far more for you than simply relax you. Massages provide you with plenty of health benefits in addition to relaxing you. However, few know about the massage benefits that come for your physical and mental health. Due to the common expectation of relaxation, few take the time to know more about massage benefits. However, knowing the different positive aspects massages bring to the table help people understand why massages own such popularity in the physical and mental health worlds.

Are Massages Only for Relaxing? Massage Benefits to Your Overall Health

Massages Help Reduce Anxiety

Stress serves as one of the primary causes of anxiety. Anxiety also serves as a cause of stress in turn. The two pair together to diminish your overall sense of calmness. While many understand massages help you feel calmer, they miss the part where massages diminish your sense of anxiety. Massages treat anxiety and stress, lowering both to ensure your mental health reaches the level you wish for it to be at. In fact, regularly receiving massages work significantly in your favor in terms of preventing mental health problems. Massages do away with the stresses and anxieties, similar to the work of relaxation exercises often suggested by therapists.

Massages Ease Muscle Pain

Additionally, massages help work to ease different muscle pains in the body. The easing of muscle pain works to increase your flexibility, making you a healthier and happier individual as a whole. The way this works is that massages increase and improve the circulation of blood throughout the different muscles, relieving tightness and pains. If you have ever rubbed your elbow to reduce the pain after hitting your funny bone, for example, massages work similarly to that, only on a much grander scale. Massages have been proven over time to treat chronic back pain and other physical ailments you may suffer over the course of your life.

Massages Improve Your Sleeping Abilities

Having trouble sleeping? Massages work wonders for those with sleeping related concerns. A few of the primary reasons why people suffer from sleeping related concerns are stress, anxiety, and the lack of ability to relax. As explained earlier, massages help prevent and limit the amount of stress and anxiety you deal with on a day to day basis. Additionally, massages are well-known methods of relaxation, allowing your body to feel calm as you look to go to sleep. Massages promote relaxation and help calm down the stimulating senses in your body, thus putting your body in a more relaxed, ready to enter REM sleep state.

Massages Boost Immunity

While no one ever wishes to get sick, few know the many different ways they can improve their chances of avoiding illnesses. If you are one who does not wish to get sick as often as they do, or is looking for a solution for various illnesses, try massages. Massages help your body work the way it is meant to work, making it more capable of fighting off different illnesses and ailments. Additionally, massages have been proven to increase people’s white blood cell counts. White blood cells work to fight off ailments, so the higher the count of those, the better. Having an extra weapon in fighting off illnesses, whatever illness it may be, can only help. And hey, you get to relax while you improve your overall physical health as well!

How Massages Diminish Stress and Physical Pains

As you can see from the different solutions listed above, massages help to prevent stress and physical pains. Of course whenever we enter a new practice, we wish to know how it works. Studied have showed that masses help limit stress and physical pains thanks to it’s calming effect on the muscles, the brain, and various other parts that help decide how much stress and pain we deal with.

Massages reduce stress by relaxing the muscles. When you finish your massage and are back out in the real world, the body responds differently. Rather than jumping to tightening, your muscles recall their lesser-stressed reaction from the massage. Additionally, your overall health improves, making your body more prepared as a whole to fight off different illnesses. For example, your blood pressure lowers with massages, and your white blood cell count increases. These different benefits work to arm your body with the maximum potential to fight off potentially hazardous illnesses and stresses. Overall, massages simply relax your body and allows your body to work the way it can optimally work.

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