Traditional basic manicure.

A recovery manicure to repair and restore. Organic nail proteins stimulate nail growth and condition dry brittle nails.

NEW European Water-less
A European style manicure that omits water.  Keratin rich protein gloves deeply hydrate hands and cuticles.  Includes hand massage, cuticle care and fresh polish.

Take a week off as gel nail polish gives you the luxury of a two week manicure. Instant dry and non-chip results are yours today. 45 mins.

NEW Margarita Peel Plus
$75 Includes Manicure    4-Pack Weekly Series $260
An advanced glycolic hand peel with LED photo rejuvenation to restore a youthful appearance.   Reduces brown spots, dry skin and visible signs of aging. Best results achieved with a series of four to six weekly light sessions.  60 mins.

Dazzle vegan fast dry polish



NEW Jindilli Wonderlust
Glide through life with your feet and lower legs exfoliated and anointed.  This Auss-ome experience features a rich delicious macadamia-melt massage.  Irrestible aroma with hydrating results… Tis the season to be head to toe jolly!
NEW Butterscotch a la Mode
Dip into a butterscotch effervescent soak.  Skin will be polished to sweet perfection as a brown sugar rum scrub banishes winter rough spots.  The cherry on top is a creamy cocoa and mango foot massage.  Delectable!
Toasted Marshmallow Latte
How wonderful is a soothing milk bath, followed by a whipped sugar scrub infused with Arabica coffee beans!  Smooth out the spell with the magic of caramel shea butter.  Glimmer, glow and glisten for hours.
Blue Mint Relief
Energize lower legs and tired toes. This cooling foot pleaser revitalizes circulation, reduces ademia and sends you home refreshed.  Ideal for pregnancy and men love it too!
NEW Gluten-Free
It starts with an antioxidant-rich soak, infused with cinnamon, olive fruit and grape seed oils.  A whipped sea salt scrub leaves skin fresh as flowers.   Restore with a tropical massage of vanilla citrus coco butter.  100% gluten-free care.
Avocado Lime
Soak up a lime-cilantro antioxidant oil to caress dry skin. Creamy shea butter and sugar exfoliation nicely smooth rough spots.  A Guac star rich avocado butter mask locks in moisture with essential green tea, goji and pomegrante.   Wrap up in a warm decadent glaze of raw honey and papaya to breathe life into dry skin.  80 mins.
Power Plus
Power peel away dryness with potent Salycilic-pineapple enzymes to soften neglected heels and feet.  Our creamy Ginger milk mask hydrates and “heels” during your luxurious extended pampered pedicure.  80 mins.
Tri-Crystal Microdermabrasion
Kick up your heels with this triple action pedicure. Magnesium, Sea Salt and Sugar promise to deeply exfoliate, soften and restore mega amounts of moisture.
Thai Foot & Leg Treatment
Pure bliss for the legs and feet. Traditional acupressure, massage, river stones and warm towels synergized to revitalize and refresh your entire being.  This is not a pedicure yet a luxurious spa escape from reality.  80 mins.
NEW Himalayan Detox Foot & Leg Therapy
Triple salt Lavender-hibiscus foot bath softens and detoxifies.  Exfoliation to perfection, to then nourish with Age-less agave oil.  Thai massage and acupressure transcend you to zen.  This mini-pedicure includes nail and cuticle care with vegan fast dry polish.
More Massage Please
Add Paraffin Treatment
Dazzle vegan fast dry polish


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