Valentine’s Day Spa Gifts

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Valentines Day spa gifts

Valentine’s Day Spa Gifts don’t have to be expensive. With that special day right around the corner, it’s common to panic because you forgot to get something for your special someone. However, there are plenty of solutions when you consider giving them the pampering they deserve. And they are all options that will work for last minute gifts. Whether you … Read More

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What is Acupuncture Acupuncture is a practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine that relies on sticking needles into the skin. This process is said to alter the flow of energy, and according to the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS), the idea behind acupuncture traces back over eight-thousand years ago to Daoist traditions. During the Old Stone Age, Ancient Chinese used … Read More

Aromatherapy Oils: 5 Of Our Favorites & Their Benefits

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aromatherapy oils

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils Aromatherapy is the use of volatile plant materials (you may call them essential oils) as an inhalant for a broad range of functions. People all over the world embrace aromatherapy for its many uses. Different oils provide different outcomes, but overall aromatherapy oils can: Reduce anxiety Ease moodiness Boost energy Improve immunity Increase circulation Relax … Read More

Difference Between Thai Massages and Traditional Swedish Massage

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A great massage from a certified therapist can offer many health benefits. There are over 200 massage techniques and types, including the Thai massage and Swedish massage. Most people confuse the two and are shocked when they book a Boca Raton massage. Some massage styles are more relaxing the others, while others are more intense. A Thai massage, for instance, … Read More

Fall for NEW Pedicures

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Good-bye Summer … Hello Fall!  It’s time to put your feet up for NEW seasonal tantalizing treats.  Skin Apeel Day Spa– Boca Raton’s best spa has the perfect line up of pedicures.  There’s nothing better than having your toes and lower legs aromatically soaked and massaged.  Add the elements of an expert team and the ultimate ambiance and you are … Read More

New Boca Raton Manicure Zaps Sun Damage

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Want Ageless Hands?  You bet! This New Boca Raton Manicure exclusive to Skin Apeel Day Spa may grant your beauty wish.  Imagine smooth hands, polished nails and all somewhat younger, in 45 minutes flat.  Your hands tell your age, often neglected and always called to action.  The South Florida sun feels warm and delicious, yet accelerates skin aging. Think about … Read More