Taking Care of Your Baby’s Skin

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baby's skin

Parents go to great lengths to keep their babies happy and healthy. However, there’s one detail that many parents overlook – a baby’s skin. Life can be hard on skin, and baby skin is very sensitive. If you want to protect your infant’s skin, there are a few things you can do. Here are some tips for taking care of … Read More

The Top 5 Benefits of Facials

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Benefits of Facials

Facials evoke thoughts of high-end spas and relaxation. And while those are fairly accurate, they can be beneficial in other ways, as well. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to slather it on; grab some cucumbers. Here are five benefits of facials. Benefits of Facials: Relaxation After a long day or week, maybe even month, it can be fun … Read More

Eyelash Extensions and Other Enhancments

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eyelash extensions

Your eyes are one of the first things that people notice about you. And your eyelashes can make a big impression on people. If you don’t have the long lashes that you would like, there is hope. There are ways you can extend your eyelashes. Whether you use eyelash extensions or another technique, you can make your lashes pop. Check … Read More

Having Healthy Nails Says a lot About Your Overall Health

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healthy nails

Healthy Nails and Your Health Healthy nails reflect a healthy body. These bits of keratin at the ends of your fingers and toes grow and develop correctly when you take care of yourself. However, various internal and environmental factors may change or discolor otherwise healthy nails. While not all signs indicate a serious problem, it is a good idea to … Read More

Reiki: The Movement of Universal Life Energy

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Many people do not know of Reiki. The premise is that the therapist or practitioner can channel energy into the patient through touch. It is said that this energy activates our bodies natural healing process and restores our physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is a Japanese word, made up of two other Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Although, there are … Read More

The Path To Complete Wellness

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complete wellness

Today’s society is a breeding ground for stress. No matter what you do, you can not escape stress. People run around with their heads cut off trying to squeeze so much into the 24 hours of the day, and do it perfectly. There are a million errands people do every day take the kids to school and pick them up, … Read More

How Acupuncture and Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Stress

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relieve stress

Stress The world we live in is full of stress. Some people even use the saying, if you are alive than you are stressed. People are always building up this pressure without having a way to channel and release it. People can stress over any number of things including their job, family, health, or finances. The constant build up of … Read More

Insider Skin Secrets News Breaking- Spa Experts Reveal Top Picks

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Here’s the elite inside skin secrets to change your complexion and rock your world!.. Let’s face it, premium topical products are needed, but what could be happening on the in-side as well?  When installing a roof on your home, the support has to come from top AND within.  Optimum skin health works the same way.  Skin Apeel Day Spa in … Read More

What Can Be Treated with Acupuncture

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What is Acupuncture Acupuncture is a practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine that relies on sticking needles into the skin. This process is said to alter the flow of energy, and according to the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS), the idea behind acupuncture traces back over eight-thousand years ago to Daoist traditions. During the Old Stone Age, Ancient Chinese used … Read More